Water Cooler 7/31/2016 – OPEN THREAD – Crazy News


Flaming Horse Poop

Hot dry conditions caused a large pile of horse manure to spontaneously combust in New York.

“The flames spread dangerously close to a valley full of dry vegetation and dead trees,” the department said. “It took three local fire departments more than two hours to extinguish the burning manure. The stable owners were advised to take measures to mitigate the combustion problem immediately”

It could not be confirmed that Hillary or The Donald were in the vicinity at the time.

Attacking Seagulls

A New Jersey boy found out the hard way that you can’t feed just one seagull.

Don’t feed seagulls, kids.

It could not be confirmed whether or not this was a result of a Chris Christie temper tantrum over not being selected as Trump’s VP (GullGate?)

Today’s Water Cooler will be shorter today. I have three youth baseball tournament games today (semi-final and championship). Enjoy the Day!

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