WaterCooler 4/03/2016 Open Thread - Opening Day; Guns & Roses; Ophidiophobia; Bananas


Opening Day
Today is the day revered by many in the United States known as Opening Day. If I have to explain what that means, then you are not a fan of America’s Pastime. This is not to be confused with The Greatest Game Ever Played. This being an even year means of course my San Francisco Giants will once again win The World Series.


Guns & Roses
The greatest rock band ever reunited yesterday at The Troubadour in West Hollywood after a 23-year haitus. More shows are to follow. Hopefully fans will get to hear the greatest rock song ever at their shows.

An Italian company has patented the first flexible robotic arm. The robotic arm has a follow-the-leader capability similar to how a snake moves. It’s only a matter of time before Hollywood gets their hands on this technology and strikes fear into every snake hater.

Vitamin-Fortified Bananas
Scientists are attempting to genetically modify bananas to introduce beta carotene into them to prevent blindness and childhood mortality in third-world countries (possibly by 23 percent). There is the same controversy surround this as there was against golden rice, which is making development difficult. The anti-GMO folks are out in force on this one. They simply can’t stand someone trying to help the poor around the world. Here’s hoping the scientists are successful.


Yes, I know it’s Vox. Even stopped clocks are right twice a day, and the readers of Vox are just the ones that need to read an objective review.

Today in Church History
The Church Strikes Back
Despair of a Pietist
All references from Christianity.com

This is my first WaterCooler. I hope you enjoyed it. Mine will have more of an international flavor, and since I have Sunday, will always have some Christian reference.

As always, this is an Open Thread, so have at it in the comments since anything goes. Well, anything that meets The Posting Rules.


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