Joe Scarborough's Laughable, Bootlicking Effort to Run Cover for Biden Has a Small Problem

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MSNBC's Joe Scarborough is such a Biden bootlicker. 

Democrats and their media acolytes are going into full overdrive to push back against stories about Biden's infirmities. 


But Scarborough's effort to try to fly cover for Joe Biden at the G7 on Friday was bad even for him, as our friends at our sister site Townhall observed. Listen as he talks about Joe Biden's "brutal schedule" and "in the middle of the personal struggles" (otherwise known as Hunter's conviction that they don't seem to want to mention). Now that's truly funny. 

Biden has spent almost 40 percent of his time on vacation or in Delaware. Even when he's in D.C., his schedule is generally very light. So it's just ridiculous to paint him as a guy who has a "brutal schedule." Biden even skipped out on a dinner with the other leaders. Why? Somehow other leaders were up to making it. But the only excuse given was it was a "jam-packed schedule." It was for other leaders as well, so bad excuse. 

"Even critics were saying that he did a strong job, very good job representing the United States," Scarborough claimed. What critics would those be, Joe? Somehow I missed that. You had media, including the European media raising concerns about Biden, reporting he was the "worst he'd ever been." I think that's what made some in the Biden camp particularly upset. 


Scarborough claimed there were "cheap fakes" from the RNC spreading vicious lies. Translation: how dare you believe the evidence of your own eyes when it comes to Biden? You're just supposed to accept the Democratic spin. For example, they seem to want to ignore that because he walked off to engage a skydiver for no apparent reason and had to be redirected back by Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni to what the group was doing (posing for official photographs). Bottom line, the RNC showed what happened. Democrats just don't like it. 


More Disturbing Reports From G7 About Biden 'Losing Focus'

The problem for them is that there are tons of examples of issues and videos that they cannot explain away. They can't simply ignore so many things that we have seen ourselves. Here are just a couple of others this past week alone. 

Did Morning Joe miss that weird head thing Biden did to the Pope at the G7?


Biden Meets With Pope Francis at G7, Has Bizarre Moment Everyone Is Talking About


But there's another small problem with Scarborough's argument: I find it funny that Scarborough talks about "cheap fakes" as he shows Biden meeting with Meloni in the background. Then that clip ends, and what he doesn't show is Biden weirdly saluting her, inappropriately saluting a foreign leader. Whoops. Why did you leave that part out, Joe? 

But it's a success to Scarborough because there's another "$50 billion going Ukraine's way." 

Let's just forget about those American issues: crushing Bidenflation, high interest rates, or the border crisis that Biden made worse by his own actions. You know, those things Biden is supposed to be addressing. 



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