Biden Ceremony With Kenyan President: Confusion, 'Please Clap,' and Frustration for Handler Jill

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Joe Biden met briefly with Kenyan President William Ruto on Wednesday. He had a snippy moment with the reporters when they asked him when he would fulfill his promise to go to Africa last year. Biden then made a weird comment about our ambassador to Kenya when he started ad-libbing during a brief meeting that the two leaders had with business leaders in the White House. 



Biden Gets Snippy at Reporters and Makes Weird Comment As He Greets Kenyan President at WH

Biden's Ad Libs About Ambassador Show Just How Stark His Deficiencies Are

However, the more formal state greeting with ruffles and flourishes was on Thursday. Joe started it with a little confusion before going up to the stage for the anthems. Watch him check the ground as he gets up on the stage; he's looking for his mark to help him know where to stand. 

Then, after the anthems, came the review of the guard. But Joe was confused about where to stand. 

Then, check out the difference between how Joe walks and how Ruto walks. Biden has the stilted gait, and the arms aren't swinging normally. 

It was similar in some ways to how Biden had to be led around by King Charles during his visit to Great Britain. 

But then it always gets a little worse when they finally let him speak. Is that democracy endearing, or is it enduring? 

How dare you people not realize how important it is to utilize so much clean energy like Kenya does? Please clap!


But Biden leaves out that Kenya has regular blackouts because it is so unstable that it can't sustain what it needs. Is that what Joe would like for us? That's the huge difference between the Democrats' fantasy on the subject and reality. Can we talk about another reason to vote against this guy? 

But then, this was perhaps the funniest thing. Joe was out on the balcony with Ruto, looking at the people on the lawn and waving to some of them. But Jill the Handler wanted to keep him on task. Watch as she frets on the side and tries to get him to move inside and get on with things, but it's Joe, so he's slow. 

Later, they will have a press conference, which you know is going to be interesting, with Joe likely having to deal with questions. Then, they will have the State Dinner. It will be a long day for Joe, who usually only has one event, and he's already looking rough and tired. 


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