Bill Maher Goes After Biden and the Woke Left on Fox's 'Gutfeld!'

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Bill Maher crossed the party aisle on Monday night and appeared on Greg Gutfeld's show to promote his new book that takes a big whack at the woke left. He's still on the liberal side of things but he's sort of a throwback to the "classical liberal" -as opposed to today's liberals who are anything but. 


Now he still has intense Trump Derangement Syndrome and he showed it again on Monday's appearance with Gutfeld. But one of the things that makes him interesting is that he's willing to call out the craziness of the left, he's funny and he wants to talk with people on the other side who think differently than he does.

As our friends at our sister site noted, Maher spoke to that. 

"We are polarized, I don't think we can deny that. The point is we can also be friends," he said. "There's 90 other things that we could talk about which we wouldn't disagree on...You can hate Trump. You can’t hate all the people who like him. It's half the country." 

He said he got why people chose to vote for him as a "bulwark against the nonsense on the left." And "there is a lot of nonsense on the left."  

He also wasn't shy about criticizing Biden, pointing out the obvious, that while Biden isn't that much older than Trump, the difference in terms of presentation is still pretty stark. 


"Biden presents as old. Ancient. That [Trump] does not look old," Maher explained. 

Now that's just the facts. But you don't hear liberals generally admitting it. And when it comes to Biden it's a big deal because it's also mixed with all kinds of incoherence, lying, and other issues. 

Maher also wasn't shy about busting Biden over his race-baiting Morehouse commencement remarks. 

It's not helpful. First of all, it's anachronistic...But we're not in the past, let's live in the year we're living in....We’re not living in that world that he [Biden] is talking about. And, and I don't think that helps anybody. 

Biden doesn't care about trying to whip up division. But he doesn't realize when he says these racist things, he's driving people away. 

Maher also drew a distinction between the classical liberal and today's "woke" and how "woke" is really the opposite of what liberal used to mean, that now they are so extreme, compared to Europe, they are the outliers. 


There's a whole lot of sense there and he's been saying a lot of this for a while. 

However, I think this is an indication he knows what may be coming, that Trump is likely to win and he's reaching even more for the middle ground in light of it. 


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