Biden Reveals He Has No Idea When He Was VP, and What He Called J6 People at NAACP Dinner Is Hilarious

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Joe Biden has said some unbelievable things over the past three-plus years while he's been occupying the Oval Office. 

On Sunday night, he went to speak at the NAACP Freedom Fund Dinner in Detroit, Michigan. The only crowd outside seemed to be protesters there over the Israeli war in Gaza, so once again, he didn't seem to have very many supporters outside. 


First, during his remarks, he did his typical pandering and lying about being involved in civil rights when he was 15 despite there being no evidence he ever was an activist. 

Biden himself debunked this back in 1987. But he keeps saying it now anyway. 

Then he told another lie he's been bandying about more frequently, claiming that "people" are trying to "ban books" and they want to "erase" black history. "Literally." 

No one is trying to do any of that. But Biden just says any crazy thing without any pushback from the liberal media in their joint attempt to whip up fear and concern. It's disgusting and it's perverse. 

Biden also showed he had a basic misunderstanding about the nature of our foundational underpinnings. He claimed that "diversity, equity, and inclusion" was "the core strength." 


No, our "core strength" has been the rule of law and a Constitution that protects the rights of the individual. That's why people have come to this country, because of those principles that protect everyone regardless of race or creed. That's the core that brings us together. 

Then he said something that was incredible, even by Joe Biden's bizarre standards. Biden revealed that he had no idea exactly when he was vice president and told another story that could never have happened the way he told it. He is so out of it. 

"When I was vice president, things were kinda bad during the pandemic," Biden said. 

"And what happened was Barack said to me, "Go to Detroit and help fix it. Well, poor Mayor, he spent more time with me than he ever thought he was going to have to, God love you."

Now that's insane because the pandemic started under former President Donald Trump; Biden was never VP during the pandemic so he never could have gone to Detroit to "fix it" during that time. That's so crazy that he would think that and have absolutely no idea what he's saying and just completely make something up like that. 


He's so far gone at this point, it's truly concerning. 

But then he capped it off with a hilarious mistake about Jan. 6, where again, he had no idea what he was saying. 

Now, that's funny. 

But he's getting worse because he doesn't even pick up on what he's saying -- even when it's so wrong. 


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