This Graph on the Economy May Be the Most Damaging for Biden for the 2024 Election

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There are a lot of things that Americans may consider when they go into the voting booth and pull the lever for their candidate. 

But one of the most important issues for voters is always the economy. 


The problem for Joe Biden? Most Americans have given him very low marks for Bidenomics and what he's done on the subject. It's not hard to understand why, with inflation crushing people and everything costing more. 

Biden's take on the whole thing? Well, the polls are wrong and Americans just don't get it. He went into poll denialism on Saturday in Atlanta during a campaign event. 

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However, telling Americans they're dumb and what they feel in their wallets isn't real hasn't been a winning strategy for him so far. But Joe Biden isn't exactly the sharpest tool in the drawer:

Now the Wall Street Journal is out with a couple of graphs that former President Donald Trump should use in an ad because the view is stark and it just says so much. The graphs deal with household net worth: what it was under Trump, then what it is under Biden. And the killer part is the "adjusted for inflation" one: 


The WSJ notes that the total household net worth rose 19 percent through Biden’s first three years in office, but it was higher, 23 percent, through Trump’s first three years. But the real kicker was after doing the adjustment, under Biden, net worth only goes up 0.7 percent through his three years versus 16 percent through Trump's. 

So under Biden, factoring in inflation, it was basically flat. 

This explains why people are feeling crushed -- because they are, whether Joe Biden admits it or not. 

You can see it still goes up for a bit after Biden comes in, still riding off Trump's economy. But it levels out, and then takes a dive when the Bidenomics and inflation start kicking in. 

How can anyone argue in favor of Biden in the face of this? That's why people are feeling that the differences are so stark. This is one of the main reasons why Trump is leading in the polls and picking up steam. People can tell how comparatively well off they were then, and how they're behind the eight ball now with less money. 


Joe can talk all he wants, but this is the reality. There's a reason he's hemorrhaging voters, and why states no one thought would be in play are now in play: 


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