Don't, Don't, Don't

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What was it that Obama Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said about Joe Biden — he's been wrong on foreign policy for 40 years? Let's just update that to 50 years as we look at what's happening right now. 


Biden and Barack Obama came out of the same school of weak appeasement and coddling Iran, and weakness invites attack. Add to that not just the policy and response to Iran's aggressions have been weak, but Biden himself is the personification of weakness. That's led to where we are now, with the box Biden has painted himself into, with bad actors getting out of hand and the Biden team trying to figure out what to do. 

Let's follow along with Joe Biden's bold pronouncements in the face of aggression, with a little help from Maze. 

On Friday, this was Joe Biden speaking virtually at the National Action Network when he was asked about the threat from Iran. 

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There's even a bonus Kamala Harris "Don't" thrown in for good measure, so you know she would continue on the same ridiculous path as Biden. 


What was Iran's response to Joe Biden's forceful pronouncement? They attacked within 24 hours of his latest "Don't," although with enough lead time on the drones for Israel and the U.S. to respond to take out most of the attack. But if NBC's report is accurate, Biden was tipped off about the attack. Iran basically said to them it would be limited unless Israel responded. Now, the Biden team's concern is about trying to shut down Israel from a major response. Unbelievable. It's always about shutting down Israel, not truly checking Iran, Hamas, or any of the other bad actors. 

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Maybe — and this is just a thought — coddling Iran and saying "Don't" isn't a real foreign policy? At least not one with any kind of teeth. Maybe trying to cut Israel's legs out from under them in response to taking out Hamas isn't the way to deal with terrorists? 

Yet Biden and the Democrats wanted to paint former President Donald Trump as the danger. Look at how wrong Biden was on this as well, claiming Trump would get us into a war with Iran when Trump's policies and approach were far superior to those of Biden's. This did not age well. 


It was all projection. 

Trump brought peace and strength. He wasn't afraid to stand up to Iran and put them in their place; he didn't roll over and cut them money. Iran — and other bad actors — saw how he wasn't afraid to take action, and that, in turn, put them in some check. That's what strength does. 

Rep. Brian Mast (R-FL) and former CIA Director Mike Pompeo likely spoke for many when they chastised Biden's weakness. 

Vote for Biden in 2024? 

Don't. Don't, Don't, Don't. 


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