Biden Gets Heckled in Raleigh and Folds Like a Cheap Camera

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Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were in North Carolina on Tuesday, hoping to get some votes from a vital swing state by talking about healthcare. 

So far, the polls indicate that North Carolina is trending in favor of former President Donald Trump, not to mention all the other swing states. 


So Biden is trying to figure out some approach to overcome his own incoherence and failed policies and convince Americans to vote for him. On Tuesday, he tried to pitch Obamacare as a rationale. Of course, he left out all the falsehoods that Obama/Biden told us when they sold it: that you can keep your plan and keep your doctor. Oh, and your premiums will go down. 

But as he was talking about Obamacare, he was interrupted by anti-Israel activists. You can hear one of the activists yell out, "What about the healthcare in Gaza?" as Biden looks around in confusion. 

"Everybody deserves healthcare," Biden said. 

"Be patient with them," Biden continued, apparently saying that to the people dealing with the activists. "They have a point." 

What point would that be, Joe? Throwing a lifeline out to Hamas terrorists? Biden did that himself with his UN Security Council vote. And now he's doing it again by giving these activists any credence. That's the weak guy we have occupying the office now. He will bend over for these folks because he doesn't really support our ally, and he thinks he needs the left's votes. He doesn't want to lose Michigan in the election, and Trump is now up in the polling there, too. 


He then went on to tell some of his common economic tall tales. He even claimed that "Leading economists aren't making much fun of Bidenomics anymore. They're thinking maybe it works." 

Please point out the alleged economists who are saying this. I'm kind of thinking he can't because I don't think they exist. Americans have made it clear in polls that they don't think he's doing a good job on the economy. 

Biden also kept up the confusion as he continued to slur and mumble.  

He also seemed completely confused, forgetting that Kamala was with him on the stage. He said he was waiting for her to come out when she was already out there with him. The staff played the music to tell him when to shut up and get off the stage, but he still kept trying to talk over it. 


But this was only the latest confusion in regard to North Carolina on Tuesday. 

As we reported earlier, he appeared to claim that he commuted "many times" across the Francis Scott Key Bridge (which collapsed earlier on Tuesday), including by train, when there wasn't a rail line across it. 


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