Lawsuit Exposes Biden Admin's Troubling Change That Impairs Dealing With Criminal Illegal Aliens

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We've seen what a mess Joe Biden has created at the border, with more illegal aliens encountered -- in excess of 300,000 -- by the CBP in December than in any prior month of the year and marking the most since 2000


This crisis is unprecedented, and it can't be solved until @SecMayorkas starts enforcing the law and President Biden changes his open-border policies.

As Rep. Mike Garcia (R-CA) noted, this is a real national security crisis. 

But that isn't all. Our friends at our sister site Townhall have an interesting story that reveals just how far the Biden team seems to have gone to undermine properly dealing with illegal aliens. 

The 287(g) program has ICE partner with local law enforcement to help identify and remove criminal illegal aliens. 

According to Townhall:

The Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI) filed a lawsuit against Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS), claiming the agency halted the 287(g) program, which assists in the deportation of illegal migrant child rapists, attempted murderers, assailants, carjackers, and other known criminals. 

In August 2023, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) revealed that the government ended the program in January 2021— right after Biden entered office. However, the compromised agency gave no reason why the government did that. 


There was no public announcement, there was just this notation on their website. 

They "halted" the program -- meaning they suspended setting up new partnerships with law enforcement -- right after Biden came in. They had 23 relationships with various law enforcement partners that had been agreed upon but then were also put in limbo because of the suspension of the program. They still do have the almost 140 relationships in operation that they had in effect when adding new law enforcement partners was halted. 

So not only is the Biden team leaving the doors open at the border, they're halting effective programs to deal with criminal illegal aliens. 

Is Biden toadying to the left (again) and trying to inhibit the ability of ICE to deal with alleged criminal illegal aliens? Because that's what it looks like from this report. 

Plus, why are we finding out about it because of this lawsuit? What's going on here? 

“It is ironic that the Biden administration insists it is ‘the most transparent in history’ when, in reality, it has repeatedly attempted to change immigration laws without congressional authorization and then tried to hide the evidence of its misdeeds from the American public,” IRLI Director of Investigations Matt O’Brien said.

The IRLI filed FOIA requests in Sept. 2023 on this to get internal documents on the suspension of the program, but the Biden team didn't comply. 


“Increased cooperation between ICE and local law enforcement is critical and makes our communities safer, so of course, this administration wants to limit that effort,” IRLI Executive Director Dale Wilcox said in a statement. “There is no benefit to this country or its legal residents by keeping criminal aliens in the country, yet it appears to be a priority of this White House. The American people own those emails, yet we are not allowed to see them because it might embarrass this administration and expose their extremist agenda.”

Sounds like Congress should be demanding answers here as to what's going on and why the Biden team seems to be sabotaging the effort against criminal illegal aliens.


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