5th Circuit Delivers Smackdown of Biden DOE Efforts to Regulate Dishwashers, Washing Machines

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Joe Biden and the Democrats are always accusing Biden's political opponent, former President Donald Trump, of wanting to be a dictator or being fascistic. 

It’s very ironic, given it's Biden who fits that bill. His administration even want to control what you do with your appliances in your home, all in the effort to appease their climate change fervor. At the end of last month I wrote about the latest Biden administration effort where they tried to slip eco regulations by us on a holiday weekend targeting refrigerators and freezers. 


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Before that was the furor over gas stoves that were supposed to be bad for you. Except that it seemed it was cool to have them if you were Kamala Harris trying to convince people that you were cooking a beef Wellington for Christmas. And I guess she gets a pass on pushing beef as well, which they also want us to think is bad.


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But they just got smacked down big time in the Biden war on the appliances and it's a great ruling that puts the Biden administration in its place. 

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey announced that the 5th Circuit had sided with them, and against the Biden effort to control "water use" in dishwashers and washing machines. 


"There is no fourth branch of government sanctioned in the United States Constitution. Federal bureaucrats can't just tell you what kind of appliances you have to use," Bailey declared. 

Louisiana, Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Montana, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Utah sued to fight the Biden DOE regulations. 

The 5th Circuit not only said it was "unclear how or why DOE thinks it has any statutory authority to regulate 'water use' in dishwashers and washing machines," but it said even if they had the authority, their rule was "arbitrary and capricious" for reasons including that the DOE's conservation standards were causing Americans to use more energy and water rather than less. 

Isn't that so like the Biden team? They say one thing, and then it turns out it's never what they say; it's the opposite of reality.

This is a nonsensical intrusion into our lives, with no real purpose beyond simply control. They don't care how much it might cost Americans as a result or what restrictions it might put on them. 




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