BREAKING: House GOP Releases Hunter Biden Contempt Resolution

I wrote previously that the House was marking up resolutions to pursue charges of contempt against Hunter Biden. 

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Now, the House Oversight Committee has released its contempt resolution in regard to Biden. 

You can read the full resolution here.

They rip into his "flagrant defiance" of the subpoena, delivering a speech at the Capitol and then not showing. They detailed the importance of his testimony for the impeachment inquiry into his father, and they also outlined some of the facts in the inquiry. 

They said they had evidence Joe Biden knew of and participated in the foreign business interests engaged in by his son, and that's what they wanted to question Hunter about. So, they are now referring the matter to the DOJ for a criminal referral. 

This now puts the DOJ on the spot as to whether they are going to cover up for Joe Biden or do their job. 

The House Judiciary Committee is also marking up a resolution, so expect theirs to come next. 


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