Anti-Israel Crew Storms, Blocks Entrance to World Trade Center, Shouting 'Revolution' and 'Allahu Akbar!'

AP Photo/Craig Ruttle

I have to think that whoever is behind the anti-Israel actions must be trying to pick the worst possible places to target on purpose, because they keep doing things that are guaranteed to tick off people and drive away people from their "cause." 


They've crashed the Christmas tree lighting, saying they want to "cancel Christmas." They've terrorized little kids in line to see Santa Claus. They've attacked the NYPD and desecrated a nativity scene. They've blocked highways, keeping little kids on two school buses blocked for more than an hour. They've blocked airports and attacked police, as people were trying to travel on one of the busiest travel weeks of the year. They think their rights trump the rights of everything and everyone else because they want it. 

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Perhaps one of the worst things they planned, but later backed out on, was to storm the Holocaust Museum. At least someone had the sense to talk them out of that one, as that would have been one heck of a bad move. When you're trying to attack Israel, and taking a position that helps terrorists, maybe not a good thing to try to storm a building that commemorates more devastating hatred against the Jews and where that leads. 


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But let's remember this isn't only about Israel. Some of the protesters have sported banners saying "abolish the settler project." They regard the U.S. as part of settler/colonizers that must be "abolished," not just the state of Israel, as one professor/activist explained. 

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So on Thursday when they blocked the exits of the World Trade Center, many had a visceral, bad reaction to seeing people posing there in keffiyehs, waving the Palestinian and Yemen flags. The crowd was also carrying Syrian flags. You can see that video here on X.

The police prevented them from getting inside the building. 

The red, white, and black flag you can see in the video is Yemeni. Iranian proxies -- the Houthis from Yemen -- are presently attacking U.S. assets.  So, not only is this offensive because of 9/11 but it's also very problematic to wave the flag of the people attacking us. They also raised the one-finger salute to Allah right in front of the front door. 


In another video on X, you can hear them yelling "Takbir" and "Allahu Akbar!" as well as chanting, "There is only one solution. Intifada. Revolution," outside the building. You can also see the police deploying here to prevent them from getting in, as the activists continue to chant and wave their flags. 

Almost 3,000 people were killed in the attack on the World Trade Center by Islamic extremists in 2001. It's not something we're ever likely to forget--and these people show what horrible scum they are with this action. 



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