Anti-Israel Activists Surround and Terrorize Line of Kids Going to See Santa at Mall

AP Photo/Robert Stevens

The anti-Israel protesters seem to want to engage in the type of actions that tick off the American people. 

Few things will anger Americans more than a protest blocking a highway or main road. The anti-Israel crew blocked the 110 Freeway last week in Los Angeles. They kept little kids on two school buses trapped for an hour, not to mention hundreds of other drivers. Motorists were not happy and some of them physically confronted some of these characters; one driver picked up one of them and then dumped the activist in the street. They also blocked an expressway in Philadelphia and got zip-tied and arrested. Then on Friday, they even tried to block Los Angeles International Airport, snarling traffic and making people late for their planes on one of the busiest travel weekends of the year. They didn't care about who they hurt in the process. 


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But they have to keep trying to top themselves in awfulness. We've seen them hit Christmas tree lightings, which is bad enough. But they hit the Bayshore Mall in Ottawa on Saturday, again at a time when there were guaranteed to be a lot of people trying to shop. They were deliberately trying to disrupt the kids visiting Santa. You can listen to them here in a video in a video on X, screaming, banging drums, shouting "f**king bombs are dropping" in front of the kids, and "While you're shopping, bombs are dropping."

The shrill cries of little ones lined up to see the jolly man can be heard in footage surfacing on social media that captured the screaming chants and pounding on drums.

"If your kids are scared, imagine what the kids in Palestine feel," one protester can be heard yelling at an apparent parent who tried to quiet the mob down.

At one point, Santa Claus looks almost just as horrified by the situation as a baby who had just been placed on his knee, as the protesters chant the currently trending falsehood that "Jesus was Palestinian."


You can hear them in this video on X as they assail a Santa with two babies on his lap with the "Jesus was Palestinian" chant. Santa stayed on task and helped the family get their pictures despite the din. Jesus was not Palestinian, Jesus was a Jew. But they don't want to hear that because it would disrupt their worldview. "Palestine" didn't even exist when he was alive. 

It's despicable to do this to families and little children trying to do their holiday traditions, but they don't respect or care about those traditions. They want to disrupt them.

While these folks chant about bombs dropping, their brethren talk about a "global intifada," "revolution," and about "resistance" being justified against "occupation" (there is no occupation). Some even say, "by any means necessary." How is any of that "peaceful?"

So what they really mean is Israel should lay down their arms, stop taking out the terrorists, and let themselves be invaded and destroyed. But they're not going to get what they want, and terrorizing kids and their parents at a mall isn't going to do anything beyond making people despise them. None of those people can give them what they want, so it's completely pointless and nutty to do what they did. 


Santa isn't giving them Israel, and definitely not now after they've been put on the naughty list. 



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