Biden Makes Huge Gaffe on Fentanyl, WH Rushes to Clean Up as He Flees for More Vacation

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Joe Biden had only one event scheduled on Tuesday -- to discuss the "progress" his administration was making in regard to dealing with the massive fentanyl problem. 


As we reported earlier, part of the fentanyl problem is because Biden has failed to secure the border. He also didn't seem to understand China's involvement in the whole fentanyl process, lifting sanctions on a blacklisted forensics lab in exchange for Xi saying they would do more to track the flow of chemicals for fentanyl. As Rep. Wesley Hunt (R-TX) said, that was a bit like "thanking the arsonist." 

But Biden also made another huge gaffe that had the White House rushing to clean up. During his remarks about the drug, he said he was calling on Congress to make it a "Schedule 1 drug." Doing that would cause it to be unable to be used for the legitimate medical uses it is employed for now. 

Fentanyl is currently a Schedule II drug which means it can be prescribed for legitimate medical use. 


Biden administration officials clarified to The Post that he was not actually calling for a ban on fentanyl, but for Congress to make permanent a 2018 emergency action that declared fentanyl-related substances as Schedule I drugs.

The administration aides insisted to The Post that the president didn’t misspeak when he called on Congress to make fentanyl a Schedule I drug because, they said, he was thinking about illicit street fentanyl, which may or may not contain fentanyl-related substances.

White House spokeswoman Kelly Scully said, “This is exactly what he intended to say. Today’s event is specifically about illicit fentanyl not medical fentanyl.”

Fentanyl-related substances have slightly different chemical compositions than fentanyl itself, which in the past allowed traffickers to avoid penalties.

"This is exactly what he intended to say" -- but didn't -- even though he was reading directly from notes. He still couldn't get it right. Nice try, guys, but we're not buying that one. 

Once Biden was done with his fentanyl event, then he was off to the plane, bound for Nantucket, for still more days of vacation. He's staying again at billionaire private equity tycoon David Rubenstein's estate. He preaches about the billionaires and then does all he can to hang out at their estates on his vacations. 


Biden looks so old going up the steps to the plane, especially compared to Jill who has no problem going up and just leaves him in the dust. 

His schedule for the vacation is basically empty. If you are just dialing in your job, and take 40 percent of the time on vacation, why would anyone retain you for that job?


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