Biden Slurs Remarks While Revealing He Got Hoodwinked by China on Fentanyl

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Joe Biden's one event on Tuesday was a meeting on "progress made to counter the flow of fentanyl into the United States." 

Most of these meetings/events seem to be thinly designed campaign promotions. The fentanyl problem has only gotten worse under Biden. 


But listen as Biden tries to tell us how much he's doing. Where are the results? He's also heavily slurring throughout these remarks. 

What we see is the people flowing across the border in record numbers and the cartels getting rich, all because Biden wouldn't properly secure the border

Then Biden said that in his meeting with CCP Chairman Xi Jinping, China had agreed to work with the U.S. on targeting the chemical components that were being shipped to Mexico and used to help make the fentanyl. 

Seriously? Why would anyone believe China on that? He says that like they aren't involved. If he believes that, he's either incredibly ignorant, compromised, and/or completely hoodwinked by the Chinese. 


He's taking Xi at his word? Yeah, why not? I mean they just spy on us, cozy up with our enemies, threaten our allies, and oppress their people. Exactly what in there says they would do anything to truly help? There's no real mechanism to check on their compliance. 

And what did he give them or forgive in exchange? 

Biden lifted sanctions on a blacklisted forensics lab in exchange for empty promises. 

The agreement reportedly involves lifting US sanctions against the Institute of Forensic Science, part of China's Ministry of Public Security, which has been blacklisted for alleged abuses against Uyghurs and others since 2020.

Congressman Wesley Hunt (R-TX) had a good take on it: it was like thanking the arsonist for help with the fire. 

I'm not even sure the U.S. is getting any water from China. 


Then I'm not sure exactly what he's referring to here, but it sounds like he's talking about his next-door neighbor's problem with fentanyl: 

This might be what he was talking about the other day when he said knew people whose kids "woke up dead."

I'm sure his neighbors appreciate him highlighting their problems. Maybe he needs to concentrate on things a little closer -- like who brought the cocaine into the White House since they seem to want to completely sweep that under the rug.


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