Biden Lets Loose on Bibi and Jim Jordan as WH Walks Back His Bad Remark About Gaza Invasion

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With the Middle East blowing up, with Americans being killed and held hostage, and U.S. forces under attack, you would think maybe that would be taking up all of Joe Biden's time on Friday. 


Instead, Biden had a summit meeting with EU leaders where he had trouble with his notes and told a wild story about his Uncle Frank, then attended a campaign fundraiser before he headed off to the beach for yet another weekend vacation. 

But he wasn't quite done with the bad remarks for the day before he hit the beach. Reporters in attendance at the fundraiser reported on those remarks. 

Biden said that "the Saudis wanted to recognize Israel," and Hamas may have attacked because "they knew I was about to sit down with the Saudis."

This comment Is nonsense on at least a couple of levels. 

First, the evidence indicates that the attack was in the planning for a long time, so it wasn't precipitated by any recent event from Biden. 

Second, Biden had nothing to do with bringing the Saudis and Israel closer. That was all the peace efforts of former President Donald Trump. Biden seems to be trying to take credit for that achievement. If anything, Biden worsened the situation, by angering the Saudis with his words against Prince Mohammed bin Salman and fighting over oil. 


Third, Biden wants to deflect from the real reason -- that his weakness and deals with Iran emboldened Hamas. 

Biden's comment about Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu was also not helpful under the circumstances. Biden said he told Netanyahu he didn't "agree with a damn thing you say." 

The guy who falsely claims he's a "unifier" also took a shot at Rep Jim Jordan (R-OH) whose effort to be House Speaker just failed. "He just got his rear end kicked," Biden said.

What a small, petty man Biden is. 

Perhaps Biden's most problematic comment at the fundraiser (at least from what we've heard so far) is that he threw Israel under the bus again. He said "yes," in response to a question from a reporter about whether Israel should delay their invasion until more hostages could be released. 


Then the White House had to quickly walk that back, claiming that Biden "misheard" what was asked of him. They claim that he just heard the second part of the question and said he wanted more hostages released. 

Sure, let's go with that, rather than that he said something stupid undercutting Israel again. Let's accept that he can't hear reporters, he can't read teleprompters, he can't manage to find his way off stages. Can anyone tell me why anyone would want this guy for any job, much less in the most powerful job in the nation? 



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