Bill Maher Rips Apart Left's Pro-Hamas Takes and the Moral Equivalency Game

(Janet Van Ham/HBO via AP)

In the wake of the attack on Israel by Hamas, we've seen a lot of bad takes from the left. 

We've seen it across college campuses, with students coming out claiming that the "resistance" is justified. We saw Harvard students claim that it was Israel's fault they were attacked.


We saw it with Sunny Hostin on "The View," suggesting that retaliation by Israel could equal a "war crime." 

We've seen it on MSNBC with hosts trying to "both sides" the issue, which might explain why their ratings have taken a nosedive with this type of coverage. 

Bill Maher took on the Harvard students reaping some consequences in a funny bit. 

He then continued during his panel discussion with James Kirchick of Tablet Magazine and Matt Duss, a former foreign policy adviser to Bernie Sanders,

Maher shot down that attempt to make a moral equivalency between the two sides, saying Israel has always held the moral high ground.

He said there was a "shocking amount of support" for Hamas even "at the moment of the rampage" or right after while they were still counting the bodies. 

They just kind of go with a "they're both guilty equally and a moral equivalency, which I would like to take issue with tonight," Maher said. "I think the Israelis have always had the moral high ground, and I think they still do." 


As I wrote about previously, even in their attacks on a Hamas-occupied building, they "roof knock" -- drop a shot on the top of the building to warn people who may be non-combatants to get out before the building is leveled. 

Meanwhile, Hamas targets elementary schools and music festivals, deliberately targeting women, children, and non-combatants. They devote their money not to helping the people who live in Gaza but to getting more weapons by which they may attack Israel. 

Maher also blew up the notion there was an "occupation" of Gaza, that Israel "gave it back," and that there's only a "blockade" to keep it from being invaded. 

Kirchick noted that if the Arabs put down their arms, there would be peace, but if the Jews did, they would be wiped out. That's the bottom line. 

Maher blew up the moral equivalency effort.

Maher added that Israelis don’t purposefully kill children—they might be killed as collateral damage, but that’s an entirely different situation. Israelis regret when civilians are killed, Hamas celebrates it, which is the crucial difference. The IDF has littered Gaza for days, warning civilians to vacate known Hamas sites as they are targeted in airstrikes. 


Maher also then blew up the support for Hamas, listing some of the troubling "values" that they have that he thinks people should not be embracing, including that they have problems with religious tolerance, free speech, free and fair elections, freedom for women, and gay people. He pointed out how he's seen "Queers for Palestine," and Kirchick interjected, "Did you hear their sister organization blacks for the KKK?” “I’m a gay man. I’ve lived in Berlin. This is a level of masochism that even I cannot comprehend,” Kirchick said. 

One of the most interesting parts of the discussion was toward the end when they noted how some on the left were shocked and maybe waking up when they saw the furor of the support by so many for Hamas and how this could be a problem for them if Jews flee this kind of madness. This is causing more people to wake up to how radical leftists have become. 


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