Communists Burn Flags Outside Jason Aldean Concert, but the Response Shuts Them Down

Photo by Amy Harris/Invision/AP, File

We remember the attack on September 11 and all the people lost on that day. The people who were alive remember where they were when they heard about it. The first reports suggested the first plane might have been a small plane. But I remember when the second plane hit, how you knew immediately we were under attack, and what a chilling feeling that was. I remember the look on George W. Bush's face when they whispered that we were under attack in his ear. That was a frontal attack that we all could see, that affected us deeply as a country, and it changed the landscape of our foreign and domestic policy. 


Some don't wish us well today. They would like to see us taken down and defeated as a nation. There are those who despise the very principles upon which this nation was built.  Over the weekend, the Revolutionary Communists showed up outside a Jason Aldean concert in Tinley Park, a suburb of Chicago, not only to bash him over his viral hit song but to slam America, burn the flag, and call for a Communist revolution. You can see a video of them burning American flags here.  

Aldean's song blasts flag burning and says, "Try it in a small town" [translation: you're not going to get away with it]. 

The RevCom people chanted "America was never great!" and claimed they were "trying it in a small town." You can see more of that here. Except Tinley Park and Chicago aren't "small towns." So they sort of missed the point of the song.  But they're Communists, so no one ever said they were sharp or accurate. They claim they want to lead a revolution in the "belly of the imperialist beast" to lead to world revolution and the ultimate aim of Communism. 

The police warned them it was an unlawful assembly, not because they were protesting, but because they were acting unlawfully and disturbing the peace. You can burn a flag in America, however, you can't otherwise break the law. They eventually took the warnings and wandered off. I guess they weren't truly up to dealing with the "imperialist beast." Some struggle. 


The greater point I wanted to make about this display was that they wouldn't have been able to act like this in a Communist country,  If they challenged the government, they would have been locked up, with the key thrown away. The lack of that kind of response does in their claims. The government they claim is imperialist enshrines their right to protest in the Constitution. Yet they would agitate to change our country into one that is more oppressive, which historically has led to the deaths of millions. 

But these are the obvious ones who don't wish us well. The Communists state their desire out in the open -- to take us down. 

The more problematic ones are those who have power or are working in government and think the same way but don't outline their objective so obviously. 


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