WaPo's Phillip Bump Humiliates Self by Claiming 14 Presidents Signed Anti-Trump Letter

Philip Bump appears on Noam Dworman's podcast. (Credit: Twitter/X)

Last week, we all watched in awe at how completely Washington Post columnist Philip Bump did himself on a podcast. He was asked a question about Hunter Biden's message in which Hunter told his daughter that at least he wasn't asking her to give him 50 percent of what he made [like Joe did to him]. We've been reporting on that information for years now. 


But Bump's response and his subsequent meltdown were something to behold for an alleged "journalist." 

"I have no idea what that means," Bump insisted, plunging his head squarely into the sand. 

Bump's dismissiveness of such explosive evidence was enlightening; he wasn't at all interested in following up on it, he just wanted to downplay it. Not only was that a window into his thought, but unfortunately it's representative of how a lot of liberal media have treated the boatloads of evidence in the case. If he had any shame, he should have been embarrassed, but he wasn't. 

But if that wasn't bad enough to sink him already, his post on Thursday about former President Donald Trump just added to his problems with objectivity and the facts. 

"Fourteen presidents indirectly called out Trump's threat to democracy today," Bump claimed, linking to his story. "Thirteen former presidents signed a letter. The current one released an ad." First Bump restricted access to replying to the post, showing he couldn't deal with any comments that people might have on it. Then after people quoted it and commented anyway, he ultimately deleted it. 


But if you noticed a small problem with his post, you weren't the only one. Bump was understandably inundated with a ratio, despite his effort to limit response. Many pointed out that there aren't "fourteen presidents" even still alive, much less able to comment or sign a letter against Trump. There are only five former presidents still alive, including Trump -- Donald Trump, Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Jimmy Carter (who is very ill and likely not signing anything). 

So how does Bump get to this wild number in his post, including the "13 former presidents signed" such a letter? From the guy who didn't know what Hunter Biden's message about giving half his income to Joe meant and didn't seem to think was worth looking into, this justification is something else. He's referring to an ad from Joe Biden, as well as a letter signed by the foundations connected to 13 former presidents. 

You can see the letter here. It's a standard "We support the rule of law and democracy letter." Nowhere in the letter does it mention Trump in any way. So in addition to the "14 presidents" being wild nonsense, the letter doesn't say what he claims it says. Talk about a problem with facts -- that's one right there. You wonder why journalism is in trouble with "journalists" like this. 


Fourteen presidents did no such thing, nor was it about Trump. The man who lacks curiosity about Hunter Biden sending money to his dad sure is sure of something that is not so. https://t.co/BDdGzjsdYm

By "indirectly," Phil presumably means via Ouija board.

This must be like how the dead vote Democrat, with former dead presidents evidently communicating with Bump by Ouija board. That sounds like "evidence." 

By the way, Bump may have missed the new poll about most Americans thinking Joe Biden's issues pose a "national security threat," because that doesn't fit the narrative that Bunp wants to push. Or perhaps it's because he has seen that poll that he's slinging this nonsense to offset the reality of what Americans truly think about Joe Biden. 



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