Biden Has More Creepy Touchy-Feely Moments With Children During School Visit

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Joe Biden returned from Lake Tahoe on Sunday after his seemingly never-ending vacation for most of the month. 

But he didn't exactly return to any kind of a heavy workload. He only had two events on his public schedule: a reception later in the day and a visit to a school in Washington, D.C., in the middle of the day.  Even when technically he's not on vacation, he seems on vacation. 


During his hard-working day on Monday, he and his wife Jill went to the Eliot-Hine Middle School to talk with and greet the children coming back to school. 

Here he is, coughing and shaking hands with the kids in the school.

That's fascinating since, as we reported, he's already suggesting that he might try to mandate another COVID vaccine, one that "works." Which makes one wonder -- is he admitting the one he was pushing before doesn't work? But in the context of this situation with the kids, if he thinks there's a possible new COVID strain coming on, he doesn't look like he's taking any of those measures that Democrats usually want to try to force on people for their "protection." Why isn't he thinking about the safety of the children? 

It's kind of funny that it looks like the girl in the diamond sweater had the presence of mind to duck shaking hands with Jill Biden. The video starts right after Joe Biden, so it's not clear if she shook his hand. 


But then Biden spoke to an eighth-grade math class and what he had to say was pretty funny in the context of his endless vacations. He told them it was tough to come back from three months of vacation and work again. 

“I tell you what, the hardest thing, I think, is when you come back — what’s the matter, baby? You look at me like, ‘I don’t want to be in this math class’?” Biden interrupted himself to address one student before continuing: “The hardest thing is to come back after three months of not doing any work, not doing any homework, and all of a sudden you got a lot to make — everybody has a lot to catch up from the end of last year.”

But then came the "touching" moment, when he seemed to be stroking the cheek of one of the children, who looked to be about 13 or 14. 


Why is he touching that child? What an uncomfortable picture. Stop touching kids already! Has his staff not tried to get him to stop this? If they have, it hasn't taken because he keeps doing it. Before the 2020 election, several women came forward to accuse Biden of inappropriately touching them. Since then, we've seen multiple instances of him touching, sniffing, and/or making creepy comments about/to children. Even a former member of Congress, Scott Brown, said that he threatened Biden for being "handsy" with his wife during the swearing-in ceremony. I don't know what they have to do to stop this, but stop it already. 



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