UPDATED: Hunter Biden Plea Deal Appears to Be 'Dead and Off Table' - Or Is It?

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Updated information is provided at the bottom of the article.)

This is pretty stunning information but it looks now like the plea deal for Hunter Biden — the “sweetheart deal” is off according to reports coming from the court.


CNN reporter Kara Scannell said:

She was pressing the prosecution on this investigation and the four corners of this plea agreement .One of the prosecutors said that the investigation was very much ongoing, and then she asked him, well, what is not covered in this plea agreement, if you are leaving the possibility of there being other future charges? So then the judge said, “Would this [the plea agreement] include a possible FARA charge?” That’s not registering as a foreign agent. The prosecutor said no, the deal would not include that.

It was at that point that she had said to the prosecution, you know, if you are not — if you can charge that, then what does this mean? And the prosecutors — actually, she asked Hunter Biden’s attorneys about that, and he said, “Well, then, there’s no deal.” Then the prosecutor said, “then there is no deal.” So Biden’s team said that the plea agreement, as far as they understood it, was now null and void. They were moving ahead to talk about what the next steps would be in this case. So as of right now the deal appears to be dead and off the table.


The New York Times is also reporting that the potential that Hunter could still face future charges for failing to register as a foreign agent contributed to the breakdown.

This is a developing story. RedState will provide updates as they become available.


It seems that plea negotiations are ongoing, which apparently makes the CNN reporter on site quite happy.


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