Confused Biden Has Difficulty Finishing Words in Philadelphia

We’ve spoken about Kamala Harris’ word salads in the past. She’s had some doozies, even ones that seem to befuddle folks on the left as well, such as when she spoke about “culture” during Essence Fest earlier in the month. But at least Harris’ word salads generally involve fully-formed words. What Joe Biden did during his remarks in Philadelphia on Thursday truly topped her for incoherence.


I wrote previously about his Philadelphia remarks, where he repeated common falsehoods he likes to tell about the economy, took credit for bringing inflation down when he was part of the reason it went up in the first place, babbled about the wind, and had to ask for directions about how to get off the stage when he was finished speaking.

However, there was also this word salad of all word salads, in which he sounded like he was having trouble completing words, and it almost sounded like he was having a stroke. It was very concerning.

“How many times you read in inflat—that a recession’s comin’?” Biden said in garbled fashion. “They’ven wall street today said no you’ll don’t say resheck comin’ now!”

I’m just going to take a wild guess and say that isn’t what it said on the teleprompter. That’s about as incoherent as you can get. I tip my hat to the folks at the Townhall Twitter account for that translation because that certainly had to be a bit of a challenge.


Then, rather than deal with the problem or even admit there was a problem, this is what Biden’s people had him doing next — getting ice cream and interacting with the union workers who were at the Philadelphia event. God knows what he said to them in private if his garbled unfinished word salad was what he was saying in public.

Is the ice cream Biden’s reward for managing to get off the stage? Meanwhile, he just told them a bunch of malarkey about “Bidenomics,” and he’s still not commenting on the cocaine found at the White House. But thank goodness he was able to enjoy a frosty treat!

One has to imagine this is why California Gov. Gavin Newsom keeps gearing up in the wings because he and other folks are looking at Biden’s incoherence and thinking Joe isn’t going to last, that he will, at some point, have to drop out of the race. That’s bad enough that you have Democrats looking at this and not immediately addressing the problems.


But, on top of that, you doubtless have our enemies looking at things like this from Biden, and it has to be emboldening them when we have a guy who can’t complete words occupying the White House. We saw something similar when he was meeting with the Israeli president and seemed to mumble incoherently.

Biden appears to be getting worse by the day, with more evidence of deterioration. At some point, they’re not going to be able to hide it, and maybe they know that already.



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