Hunter Biden's Attorney Doesn't Like What Trump Has to Say About Hunter

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It sounds like Hunter Biden’s attorney is throwing a fit over former President Donald Trump’s remarks regarding Hunter Biden and the Biden family. His response is something else.


Attorney Abbe Lowell has sent a cease and desist letter to Trump’s legal team claiming that Trump’s comments could endanger Hunter, attacking Trump’s supporters in the process, “The most urgent issue is Mr. Trump’s thinly veiled calls to action to his easy-to-trigger followers,” the letter read.

Lowell claims that the comments “could lead to [Hunter Biden’s] or his family’s injury.”

Abbe Lowell, one of Hunter Biden’s lawyers, cited past examples when Trump’s language allegedly inspired violence, notably the Jan. 6 attacks on the Capitol, the October attack on Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi, and the man arrested near the Obamas’ Washington, D.C., residence last month with an arsenal of firearms.

“This is not a false alarm,” Lowell wrote. “We are just one such social media message away from another incident, and you should make clear to Mr. Trump — if you have not done so already — that Mr. Trump’s words have caused harm in the past and threaten to do so again if he does not stop.”


He claims that the Biden family was not in the White House “in the period” when the cocaine was found.

So they don’t want people to speculate on the question when White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre won’t just confirm it wasn’t the Bidens. While avoiding answering reporters’ questions on the issue directly, she said the Biden family wasn’t there on Friday before the holiday weekend, but that was shown not to be the case. They were not in the White House Saturday up until Tuesday when they came back. So it’s true — they were not there when it was found on Sunday.

Then, on top of the confusing messaging from the White House, you have the Secret Service not even taking two weeks to investigate and then shutting it down, saying they’re not going to find anything more.

Of course, you’re going to have speculation — you even have House Speaker Kevin McCarthy speculating because the White House hasn’t been forthcoming, and again you have the investigation being immediately shut down, noting, “They have cameras 24-7. It just seems to me when it comes to the ‘Biden, Inc.’ family, they get treated different than anybody else.”


I haven’t heard any incitement to violence on this, so this is just a bad argument, seemingly to shut down Trump’s comments. Is he saying that Trump shouldn’t be allowed to speak and doesn’t have a First Amendment right?

So when is Lowell going to tell the Democrats to stop demonizing Trump and the Republicans? Can we talk about Joe Biden’s Philly speech where he whipped up anger against MAGA Republicans?

Meanwhile, as we saw in the case of Missouri v. Biden, it’s the Biden administration that’s been trying to shut down speech according to the court, and we have things like the Hunter laptop being suppressed. Seems to me we have a lot more to worry about from speech being shut down than people being allowed to speak.


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