Stacey Plaskett Makes Quite the Freudian Slip About What Should Happen to Trump

Stacey Plaskett talking about Trump classified document case on MSNBC. (Credit: Jake Schneider)

Congressional Delegate Stacey Plaskett (D-USVI) got a lot of attention — and not in a good way — during her questioning of journalist Matt Taibbi over the Twitter Files in March. Plaskett is the Ranking Member of the Weaponization Subcommittee. The Subcommittee was looking into the allegations made in the Twitter files about the suppression of speech on Twitter and the role the government allegedly played in that. That’s not something that the Democrats want to be examined, so they were on the warpath in response. Plaskett attacked Taibbi and the other Twitter Files reporters —  calling them “so-called journalists” —  and then she tried to get Taibbi to give up his sources. Plaskett then subsequently sent him a letter in a despicable move, accusing him of perjury in his testimony before the Subcommittee and mentioning that there was a jail term attached to that.


That was bad enough. But on Sunday, Plaskett appeared on MSNBC to talk about the classified documents case against former President Donald Trump when she let slip what I think many Democrats wish would happen to him — that he be “shot” — before she quickly corrected herself.

“You know, having Trump not only have the codes but now having the classified information for Americans and being able to put that out and share it in his resort — with anyone and everyone who comes through – should be terrifying to all Americans and he needs to be shot … stopped,” Plaskett said.

That’s pretty shameful, even with all the terrible things against Trump that we’ve already seen. Some suggested on Twitter that the Secret Service might want to have a conversation with her. I think the information was safer in the hands of Trump than with someone who shakes hands with the air and somehow managed to have a classified document from when he was a senator in the 1970s. Imagine if a Republican had said this, it would likely have been covered 24/7, while what Plaskett said is likely to be completely ignored.

Plaskett then tried to attack other Republicans who dared to complain about a two-tiered system of justice and an out-of-control Biden administration DOJ and FBI — one of the main reasons legislators created the subcommittee that she’s on.


“And that’s the thing that I am concerned about with many of my colleagues in the GOP,” Plaskett said. “That they believe that there is a two-tiered system, but the two-tiered system is not to punish them more,” she claimed, “It’s to – they want it to allow them to get away with more than everyday Americans. Causing Americans to distrust the FBI, the Department of Justice — it’s all a mechanism, and all, you know, part of their propaganda.”

Just like with her first comment, Plaskett is sort of telling on herself and the Democrats with this second remark. In my opinion, this is how they think of their supporters — push out the propaganda to them. It’s all projection. Meanwhile, it isn’t GOP propaganda that’s made most Republicans believe that there’s a two-tiered system. It’s our eyes — we’ve seen it all in living color for years now, since the Obama scandals that always went away and were never addressed, then Hillary Clinton and her server, and now the Biden scandals. If anything, it’s the people who have forced the Republicans to finally start doing something about it because we’ve been so annoyed for years that the Democrats have always gotten a free pass. But isn’t that just like a Democrat to assume Americans are easily led/just vessels for propaganda?


Plaskett just chooses to ignore the matters about Biden. But they’re not going away, no matter how much the Democrats try to sweep them under the rug. All Republicans should get on board with the impeachment effort filed by Rep. Andy Ogles (R-TN).



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