WATCH: Trump's Response to Biden's Fall Shows Big Difference Between the Two

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

As we reported earlier, Joe Biden took a hard fall when he went flying face-first down onto the stage at the Air Force Academy commencement.

When former President Donald Trump took short steps down a slippery ramp at a West Point commencement, we got days of stories from the liberal media speculating on Trump’s health, how he needed to explain himself, and how the ramp walk “matters.” But the reaction to Biden taking a real fall has been mostly spin, with the media acting like it was nothing. With Biden, there are all the other reasons that he’s unfit for the office as well, but the media never presses on that whole picture.


But there’s a point I wanted to make about that ramp walk and the difference between the two men. Trump had to go down a ramp he thought was slippery, so he adjusted to deal with the conditions to make sure he wouldn’t fall. What was Joe Biden’s reaction to that? He mocked Trump and said something truly ridiculous.

“Look at how he steps and look at how I step. Watch how I run up ramps and he stumbles down ramps. Come on,” Biden said in 2020, even though he himself never was able to even wear a pointless mask correctly.

Unfortunately, Joe, the world has been watching and it isn’t a pretty sight. We’ve seen Biden fall or almost fall all around the globe.

This was his most recent problem in Japan where Jill was leading him around by the hand, and the moment she wasn’t there, he almost took a header down the stairs.

That was incredibly concerning and had he fallen there, he could have been badly hurt.

Not to mention that he’s constantly incoherent, which is the bigger problem.


Trump can adjust to deal with situations as they present themselves, such as constant Democratic attacks. So often Biden cannot. He keeps telling the same lies, even if he’s been busted on them. He can’t stop being incoherent. There’s no doubt that Trump is a fighter and can be quick with a remark. Sometimes that’s not a good thing. But while Biden mocked Trump and we see all kinds of measures from Democrats to try to do him in, when the former president was told about Biden falling at the commencement, his first instinct was to ask if he was okay. He was properly concerned about his health.

“I hope he wasn’t hurt. I hope he wasn’t hurt. […] You don’t want that,” Trump said.

Then he went into classic Trump, pointing out in a funny take how he was attacked over the ramp by the mainstream media: “Even if you have to tip-toe down a ramp, you gotta tip-toe…” He added that it was a bad look to fall at the Air Force Academy, and he’s right. It doesn’t inspire confidence from the cadets if their alleged leader is falling over.


That’s a classy response to Biden, who has not been very classy to him, demonizing him and his supporters and constantly lying about him. Joe needs to retire. Whether it’s Trump or someone else, we can’t have this continue.


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