WATCH: CUNY Law Commencement Speaker's Hate-Filled Speech Against America, Israel, NYPD, and Democracy

Fatima Mohammed speaks at CUNY Law School commencement. (Credit: Ari Ingel/Twitter)

On Memorial Day, we remember those who gave their lives in the service of our country to preserve our freedoms.

We ensure those rights and freedoms by operating under a Constitution and a rule of law.


As my colleague Duke wrote earlier, we honor those who gave that last full measure of devotion to protect those freedoms and the rule of law.

Yet, we have folks on the left who attack – and even demonize – that very rule of law upon which we are based. More problematic is that some of those are folks who will be lawyers, judges, and politicians, who think this way.

Watch this and be concerned if you have a college-age family member or anyone thinking of going to grad school. Heck, this is in high schools now as well, not just colleges and grad schools.

This is Fatima Mohammed, the chosen speaker for CUNY Law School’s commencement. Her speech started relatively normally then went over the edge when she called the law itself evidence of “white supremacy.”

She said:

“I chose CUNY School of Law for its articulated mission [as one of the] few legal institutions… to recognize that the law is a manifestation of White supremacy that continues to oppress and suppress people in this nation and around the world.”


She claimed that they joined the institution so they could work “to lift the facade of legal neutrality and confront the systems of oppression that wreck [sic] violence on them, systems of oppression created to feed an empire with a ravenous appetite for destruction and violence.”

That’s America she’s attacking as the evil empire there.

Mohammed then went on to praise CUNY Law for endorsing the BDS movement and attack Israel for “murdering” people, even as she attack “CUNY Central” for continuing to train and cooperate with the”fascist NYPD” and the military. Mohammed claimed that “daily” “brown and black men are being murdered by the State at Rikers.” Rikers is New York City’s largest jail. She claimed the “murder of black men like Jordan Neely by a white man on the MTA” was “dignified” by politicians like Mayor Eric Adams and Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY).

Mohammed said their “joy” should be the fuel for their “fight” against “capitalism, racism, imperialism, and Zionism around the world.” She then spoke about revolution.

No one person will save the world. No single movement will liberate the masses. Those who brought the ferocity of the violence, those who carry the revolution, the people, the masses, those who brought the ferocity of the violence, those who need our protection. They will carry this revolution. The revolution that lives so loudly despite not being televised. No longer are we going to capitulate to oppressors. No longer are we going to put our hope in their depraved consciousness.


She then quoted Malcolm X and said that they demanded the rights of being a “human being” and that they would bring this “day” into existence “by any means necessary.”

“Greater empires of destruction have fallen before and so will these,” she declared. “So to the class of 2023, the fight begins now.”

What’s perhaps as troubling as her words themselves is how it’s embraced by the audience. You can even see at least one of the officials on stage clapping as well. The problem here is how prevalent this view is, and how many radicalized teachers, colleges, and universities attack the foundations of this country because of their radical leftist views. CUNY is also a state publicly-funded school that is cool with all this.

This speech was on May 12 but the video didn’t come out before because CUNY realized this would let people know what was going on at their school and they pulled it from YouTube. But then they released it after they were criticized for hiding what she said.

Republicans called out the evil speech.


Democrats of course seem typically silent about this attack on the country, many of them likely agree with it.

We recognize the war when it’s formally declared, when it involves weapons, when it’s overseas. But do we recognize the declared war against us here in our midst, by those that would seek to destroy what we are, who see the very nature of what we are as a nation as evil because it doesn’t meet their flawed, radical views? We fought wars against this ideology when it was overseas. But now it’s here, all around us, waiting to swallow us whole and sowing chaos on every front.

Do we recognize the war when it’s here?


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