In a Powerful Interview, Elon Musk Shows He Doesn't Give a Flying Fig What the Left Thinks

Elon Musk may not be a conservative. He has his issues, like all of us. But he’s a considered thinker, who seems to be learning fast about the dangers of the left. He’s spoken about the threat to civilization in the past posed by the “woke mind virus.”


Musk showed again that he does have some understanding of the left during an interview he gave to CNBC on Tuesday.

He had some people squawking on Tuesday because he dared to criticize billionaire George Soros who he compared to the villain Magneto. That prompted many on the left to attack him as somehow “anti-Semitic” when there wasn’t anything anti-Semitic about what he said. But that’s the fallback position from the left when anyone dares to criticize Soros.

Musk said he didn’t think Soros’ intentions were good, that he wanted to “erode the very fabric of civilization. Soros hates humanity.”

Frankly, if you judge by his actions, such as putting in progressive prosecutors who don’t prosecute crime, which then results in an increase in crime and brings more chaos to society, Elon is right on target.

Musk was asked about why he made his comment about Soros during the interview and he laughed at the interviewer, David Faber. “I think that’s true, that’s my opinion,” Musk responded.


But why share it if people might not agree with you? Faber asked. What if advertisers on Twitter or Tesla buyers might not agree?

Boy, isn’t that a liberal in a nutshell? Why not share it if it’s his opinion? Is he supposed to go easy on what he thinks about Soros because it will upset the left? Maybe it’s more important to point out that Soros is doing harm to society. The look on Musk’s face in response was priceless — like, are you nuts?

He paraphrases Inigo Montoya in “The Princess Bride”: “Offer me power, offer me money, I don’t care.” To drive the point home, Musk declared: “I’ll say what I want to say, and if the consequence of that is losing money, so be it.”

He said that he wanted to have free speech on Twitter and the interviewer again pushed the liberal thought: How would you police the “lies”? Elon’s response was good — that’s the point of the Community Notes. You’re not stopping anyone from saying anything but you have more speech — the Notes — clarifying if people determine it to be misleading.


Musk was asked about the 2020 election and Biden. I think his answer could have been better but you can see that when he’s asked about the election, he says the answer is “nuanced” meaning he does think there were issues, although he does say he thinks Biden won. But he regrets voting for Biden, who he doesn’t regard as a “normal” person. So he pretty much gets Biden is a mess.

He said he wanted someone with executive ability, someone who is good at getting things done. A lot of his evolution happened after 2020 and has sped up with what he’s discovered and been through since he acquired Twitter, such that now he’s voting and encouraging others to vote Republican. In the present-day climate that’s brave and immediately earned him more attacks.

When asked about supposedly tweeting “conspiracies,” he noted that so many “conspiracies” have turned out to be true, like the Hunter Biden laptop. The interviewer acts as though he’s surprised, “That’s true?” Yes, it’s true, as the media should know, but it’s as though Faber is hearing it for the first time.


He noted that Twitter and others engaged in active “suppression” and that was “election interference.” That was pretty boss, and the interviewer immediately tried to change the subject.

In a world where politicians and famous people are always weighing every step and every consequence of what they say, it’s gratifying there’s someone that just doesn’t give a flying fig about fidelity to the liberal narrative or the powers that be.


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