Baldwin Triggers Internet With Post About End of Filming 'Rust,' New Role Raises Eyebrows

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One thing that is true about actor Alec Baldwin: he never knows when to shut up.

On Wednesday, he got in trouble with the Internet with his remarks about the completion of his film “Rust.”


Baldwin had been charged with manslaughter in the shooting of Halyna Hutchins on the set of that movie. Baldwin said he’d been told the gun was “cold” and didn’t know that there was a live bullet in the gun. However, the charges were later dismissed, although they could be refiled. He’s also still facing some civil lawsuits, although he settled the lawsuit filed by Hutchins’ husband.

Now I would think that the finish of the film might be the time for Baldwin to recognize Hutchins, particularly since her husband is now an executive producer on the movie. They had moved production to finish in Montana after the shooting at their original location in New Mexico. There were pictures of him holding a gun incorrectly yet again. And it was creepy that he was filming a documentary about restarting the movie again.

But when Baldwin posted on Instagram about celebrating the end of production, he said “it felt good to shave off” the beard he had grown for it.


He’s so tone-deaf, but that’s par for the course for the self-involved actor. He’s shown in the past when he’s talked about the shooting that he was focusing on himself and how it was affecting him, not so much the person he killed and the family that was so adversely affected. Many on social media let him have it for talking about his beard. Many also couldn’t believe that they went ahead and finished the movie after what happened.

But that wasn’t the only bizarre Alec Baldwin news of the day.

It was also announced that Baldwin was just offered a new film role — about the 1970 shooting at Kent State. One has to wonder what the person who made that decision to offer him the job was thinking when they picked him for this role that involved the shooting of four unarmed students by National Guardsmen. He reportedly is going to play the role of Robert White, the president of the school.

Back in December 2021, two months after the Rust incident, Baldwin said in an ABC News interview that his career “could be” over after the tragedy. “I said to myself, ‘Do I want to work much more after this? Is it worth it?’ ” he said at the time. The actor also said he “can’t imagine” he would ever do a movie that “had a gun in it again,” adding: “I can’t.”


Like much of what Baldwin says, I guess that declaration didn’t amount to much, given the movie he’s just signed aboard to make. If they offer him money, he’ll take it, guns or not.

Let’s hope they keep the weapons on the set far away from him, and that they have competent people in charge of safety so they don’t have any issues.


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