WATCH: Shocking Video of US Soldier Appearing to Let Illegal Aliens Cross Into Private Property

U.S. Soldier lets illegal aliens onto private property and then waits while bus arrives for them. (Credit: Bill Melugin/Twitter)

Department of Homeland Security head Alejandro Mayorkas has been claiming that there was a 50 percent drop in illegal entry since the end of Title 42. That number is deceptive since in the middle of the last week it hit the highest number ever, with more than 10,000 people a day entering. That’s not even counting the “gotaways.” Now, it’s hard to believe anything that this administration has to say about the border since they have lied so much.


As we noted, Fox’s Bill Melugin did note that some were being interdicted by action coming from Mexico and the Texas DPS and Texas National Guard, not because of interdiction from Mayorkas or the U.S. government. He also noted that this was likely a temporary lull and the numbers would rise again.

But now Melugin has posted a shocking video, shocking even by Biden administration standards for failed security at the border. This video not only shows them not stopping people, but it also shows a female U.S. soldier opening up a gate onto private property and letting a steady stream of dozens of illegal aliens onto the property. There’s a Border Patrol boat in the water watching and allowing all this to happen. A bus pulls up and whisks them away, clearly showing coordination to let them enter illegally and receive them.

“NEW: Security video from a contact in Eagle Pass, TX shows a large group of migrants crossing illegally onto private property this morning,” Melugin tweeted. “Crossings have been down big in Texas last few days, but are expected to rise again as cartels/smugglers figure out the post T42 border.”


“I asked the Texas National Guard if this is one of their soldiers who opens the gate for the group of migrants,” Melugin explained. “They tell me she is NOT a TX soldier & is not TX ARNG. I’m told she is a Title 10 soldier from the Missouri ARNG under orders from the federal gov & working w/ BP.”

The National Guard and the Border Patrol aren’t responding to inquiries, of course. How can they possibly justify something like this? Is the military that Biden detailed to the border stopping illegal entry or facilitating it?

This isn’t enforcing the law — this is assisting in human trafficking. Any U.S. soldier must defend our borders and our laws, but this is what they are being told to do by their higher-ups, so this is all on Joe Biden. And why are they allowing them onto private property, in addition to everything else?

Meanwhile, Biden is laughing and getting snotty with reporters, trying to buffalo us by telling them that it’s “much better than you all expected.”



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