April Ryan Gets Fact-Checked Into Next Week by Community Notes for Despicable Border Patrol Lie

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

I have to say we may have just found the winner for most Community Notes ever fact-checking a repeated lie.

As I reported on Thursday, White House reporter for The Grio, April Ryan, first got fact-checked by Department of Homeland Security Head Alejandro Mayorkas when she tried to claim that Haitian illegal aliens had been whipped by the Border Patrol, something that has been debunked for a long time not only by the photographer who took the pictures of the incident but also by the official investigation.


“The southern border is not just Mexicans, it’s Haitians, it’s Africans,” Ryan said. “Especially as we saw with that issue with the Haitians being whipped with the reins on the horses.”

“Let me just correct you right there because, actually, the investigation concluded that the whipping did not occur,” Mayorkas said, in one of few times he’s ever told the truth. But they’ve never apologized to the Border Patrol that they wrongly smeared.

“I’m sorry, I saw it differently,” Ryan claimed.

But she didn’t let Mayorkas’ fact-check stop her. She kept going on Twitter, even claiming that some unnamed White House official “questioned” the investigation too. But you had to know that she wasn’t going to last long unchallenged now that there are Twitter Community Notes that will do honest fact-checking of such ridiculous lies.

What is reality when she sees what she wants to see? The reins never touch the Haitian man, except in the mind of April Ryan.


After making the claim about the White House official (without any evidence or naming the person) she managed to have double Community Notes. I think this may be the first time I’ve ever seen this.

Community Notes was still a bit kind and didn’t fact-check her spelling of “rein.”

So did April Ryan take all this to heart, apologize for smearing the Border Patrol with a vicious lie, and promise to try to be a better journalist? Not on your life. Hours later, she was still trying to push the pictures, believing that somehow they supported the lie, not caring about what the photographer who took them said about the facts or what the investigation had concluded.

“The controversial Trump Era Title 42 ends at midnight,” she tweeted. “Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas was asked by theGrio about the immigration problem for Haitians and Africans who also come to the U-S Mexico border. Here is part of the exchange with some pics.” She was still trying to spread the claim that there had been a whipping.


This is so much of the left in a nutshell. Who cares about the truth here? It’s what she feels, so it must be true, regardless of the facts. Maybe she ought to ask herself why she seems to want this to be true when it isn’t. But you also have to wonder when you have such a “journalist,” how could anyone ever expect a reliable report from her on anything if this is how she works?



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