Byron Donalds Just Levels CNN Panel in Brilliant Reply to Their Trump Narrative

Donald Trump cleaned CNN’s clock on Wednesday night as we explained, on everything including Jan. 6, E. Jean Carroll, and classified documents. He demonstrated why he’s still far in the lead when it comes to the nomination.


The CNN focus group finished off moderator Gary Tuchman with a pure gold moment about the media when Tuchman tried to skewer Trump about focusing on 2020.

But there was another part in the complete evisceration of CNN and the propaganda effort against Trump and that came from Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL), who is a strong supporter of Trump, during a CNN panel discussion after the town hall. Even in that panel discussion, CNN still couldn’t stop focusing on 2020 and Jan. 6 — because they think that’s their avenue to attacking Trump.

They want to run as far away as they can from any discussion of the present day and how miserable Joe Biden has made most Americans. Donalds ripped them to shreds on all of their “points.”

Donalds pointed out how town halls are supposed to be about the questions of the people, not the moderator imposing her view on everything, “Town halls are for the voters, not for the press or the person who is the moderator,” Donalds said. “Kaitlan spent more time interjecting her own viewpoints.”

Then as if to prove Donalds’ point about the unprofessional nature of CNN, Anderson Cooper interrupted him and insisted that “Those are the facts, though.”


“Are you guys now going to interject your opinions on me or do I get a chance to speak now?” Donalds shot back.

Donalds also shot down the left’s lie about what Trump said about Ukraine which was simply that he would want to bring peace quickly. I guess wanting to bring peace is bad now too. Trump never said he would “hand over Ukraine” or whatever it is the left was pushing. Donalds also pointed out how what Joe Biden has done with Ukraine has been a disaster. Vladimir Putin didn’t invade Ukraine under Trump, he invaded under Biden after seeing what a mess Biden made of the Afghanistan withdrawal and after Biden caved on Nord Stream 2. Now Biden is pouring out money and equipment, seemingly with no end in sight, with no one seemingly working toward ending the war. Trump was very concerned about our security, with how much we were giving away in equipment, another sign that his priorities are lightyears ahead of Joe Biden’s.

Then Donalds went into beautiful overdrive, taking apart their “22, 23 minutes” of focusing on Jan. 6. He pointed out that what Collins claimed about National Guard troops was just wrong. He knew — as a member of the Oversight Committee — that Trump had proposed National Guard troops for the Capitol on Jan. 4. Donalds noted that this was testimony “under oath.” We’ve reported on this before, but the media just wants to skip over this, because it doesn’t help their narrative about Trump.


As the CNN panel kept trying to talk about 2020, Donalds wouldn’t allow that. He said certain things were very clear now, “The nation is a mess. Our border is overrun. Inflation is crippling every family — Republican, Democrat, and Independent. Those are the facts of the matter in 2024. Not 2020.”

Rep. Donalds was impressive. He showed what potential he has in that interview against a whole panel of people trying to interrupt him, he stayed on the message and got the facts out there. He shows we have some good folks coming up in the future for higher office. But he laid the final nail in the coffin of the CNN narrative for the night.


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