Protesters Attempt to Disrupt Official Proceeding of House Judiciary Committee in NYC

Protesters try to disrupt House Judiciary Committee proceedings in NYC. (Credit: Twitter/Oliya Scootercaster)

The House Judiciary Committee held a field hearing in New York City at the Jacob Javits Federal Building on Monday to deal with the horrible crime problem that has only gotten worse under the policies of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. While Bragg has been focused and even ran on an effort to “get” former President Donald Trump in a disgusting effort to take out a political opponent of the Democrats, when it comes to real crime and his real job, Bragg has done everything he can to let criminals off.


Witnesses were going to speak out about his “pro-crime, anti-victim policies.”

Among the witnesses were Jose Alba, a former bodega clerk who faced a murder charge after fatally stabbing an attacker in 2022; Joseph Borgen, the victim of an antisemitic attack in Times Square; as well as Madeline Brame and Jennifer Harrison, two women impacted by violent crime who’ve become advocates for victims rights in New York. Harrison recently told Fox News that crime victims are “distraught” over Bragg’s leadership.

Robert Holden, a Democratic New York City councilman, and Paul DiGiacomo, the president of the New York City’s Detectives’ Endowment Association, also appeared before the committee.

The cases highlighted some of Bragg’s bad progressive policies, even pursuing a man for defending himself from attack.

However, rather than deal with the real issues of the city, Bragg is focused on Trump and fighting with the Republicans who are calling him out on his political efforts. Bragg has sued the Republicans for daring to question his political prosecution, but the judge in the matter has already delivered him a big loss in his fight to stop their subpoenas.

Naturally, leftist protesters tried to disrupt the proceedings, crowding into a hallway outside the hearing and chanting to “Indict Jordan.” Funny, but this sure looks like an effort to “obstruct an official proceeding to me.”


What was funny was they looked like mostly old NY leftists, the signs were obviously professionally made. But even for New York City, they couldn’t get very many people out and the people who showed up were a tired lot. They also had a small group chanting a bit outside the Javits building.

Meanwhile, when the execrable Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) tried to make it about Trump, some of the victims of crime and Bragg’s bad policies who were in the room got upset and started to yell that Democrats didn’t care. They were then removed from the room by the police.


Chances that the protesters with the professionally made signs get arrested or held responsible for disrupting proceedings? Zero, proving the point that Jim Jordan is making here. Chances that the Manhattan DA or the Democrats give a darn about any of these victims who suffered at the hands of his policies? Also zero.

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