Bill Maher Issues a Warning to Dems About Their Latest Effort to Get Trump

(Janet Van Ham/HBO via AP)

“Real Time” host Bill Maher warned the Democrats on his show Friday that if they fail to remember history, they are doomed to repeat it.

They’re all thinking that they’ve “finally got him,” when it comes to former President Donald Trump over the prosecution filed by Alvin Bragg about money allegedly paid to Stormy Daniels.


Maher pointed out how America didn’t hold the “sex scandal” against Bill Clinton regarding Monica Lewinsky when it came to voting, and that they seemed to ignore his perjury. Clinton got impeached, but then he still had a high approval rating.

Warning for graphic language:

“This whole ‘going after the president for f—ing around’ thing — I’ve seen this movie before. It was called ‘Kill Bill,’” Maher told viewers while showing an image of former President Bill Clinton. “And America did not like it the first time.” [….]

“The Republicans exposed him as a dirty, filthy, disgusting sex-doer. And when they were done with him, he had an approval rating of 73%,” Maher said. “This despite every Republican on every TV station for two years saying, ‘What do we tell the children?’ And those children are today’s millennials who, according to polls, don’t know anything about it and don’t care.”

“And as I watched the circus around our latest horny ex-president… it seems worth asking the Democrats having gone through this yourselves, what don’t you get about sex scandals don’t work on presidents?” Maher continued. “Because no matter what the underlying legal reasons are that underpin a sex scandal, to the average person, it’s just always going to be about sex. Nothing can compete. Law is boring. It’s the constitutional equivalent of golf.” [….]

“There’s a reason every news outlet in the country recently ran the headline, ‘How strong is the case against Trump?’ It’s their way of saying, ‘Don’t get your hopes up,'” Maher told his audience.

“And to at least half the country, it looks like you tried to get him on Russia, and you tried to get him on Ukraine, and you tried to get him on classified documents and you didn’t, so now you went for the old reliable. Congratulations, you found out powerful men have an Achilles heel: their b—s,” Maher continued before insisting the same happened with Clinton beginning with the Whitewater probe.


Maher also mocked the twisted justification to avoid the statute of limitations in the Trump case, for what normally would have been a misdemeanor.

There’s a lot of truth to what Maher said, although I think there are some distinctions there as well. The Democrats would do well to look at how this is making Trump stronger in the polls. They assume that they will be able to beat him in 2024. They assumed they would be able to beat him in 2016; how did that work out?

The other distinction was Maher gave Clinton a complete pass for all his scandals while attacking Trump. But with Clinton, there was perjury whereas many legal experts have trashed the case against Trump as legally pathetic. Of course, there’s also the distinction that the media today will do all it can to demonize and do in Trump.

Bottom line? It’s not even clear that the case will survive long enough to matter during the 2024 campaign, it could be tossed for a variety of legal reasons. As we’ve noted, the House is also looking into the political nature of the prosecution. While the Manhattan DA is trying to squirm out of that with a lawsuit and avoid their investigation, so far it isn’t working.

Maher’s right that if Democrats hope that somehow stringing this case out to smear Trump and the Republicans is going to do them in, they’re barking up the wrong tree.




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