WATCH: Babylon Bee Captures Liberals Losing Their Minds Over Their Blue Check Marks

Babylon Bee invites people to pay for liberals to have a blue checkmark. Credit: Babylon Bee.

As I previously reported, Elon Musk has been making changes to the blue check verification process. He said he was going to charge organizations $1,000 per month to hold onto their blue check mark, and individuals would have to pay for the Twitter Blue subscription.


But it was funny that the “legacy” blue check marks, including the New York Times, didn’t want to have to pay for it. So Musk pulled the NY Times blue check mark and called them “propaganda,” which is hilariously accurate. He noted these were the same folks who wanted you to pay for their subscriptions for that propaganda, but they weren’t willing to pay for having their product elevated on Twitter.

Some liberals like LeBron James who probably has more money than most people can imagine, refused to pay the $8 because they believed that they were special and were entitled to what they thought was that free recognition of their “status.”

The Biden White House said they wouldn’t be paying for the check mark. Who would ever mistake them for really serving the United States and believe that they were a valid source of information anyway? We know better. The White House also said they wouldn’t be reimbursing their employees for their checkmarks, according to White House director of digital strategy Rob Flaherty.

“It is our understanding that Twitter Blue does not provide person-level verification as a service. Thus, a blue check mark will now simply serve as a verification that the account is a paid user,” Flaherty wrote, according to the report.


Except, as with most other things, the Biden White House is wrong again.

Musk had one more move up his sleeve that had those liberals melting down. He then conflated the legacy blue checkmark and the Twitter Blue paid subscription, so now the blue check means that it can be either one.

That caused many of them to melt down, that they might now be mistaken for a — gasp — Twitter Blue subscriber. Suddenly, the folks who are always concerned about “equity” were upset that they might be treated like anyone else, and not the “elite” that they believed they were. Some of them were so mad, they made posts declaring that they were NOT Twitter Blue subscribers. How dare people treat them like normal people who paid for their subscriptions!

Some like Matt Yglesias were so upset they de-verified themselves, just so you wouldn’t mistake them for folks who paid for the subscription—which was pretty hilarious.

The Babylon Bee did a hilarious depiction of the liberal meltdowns and how upset they were about their blue checks. This is terrific. Would you pay $8 to help a poor upset “lib”?


They include some of the most obnoxious Twitter liberals to potentially sponsor including Rob Reiner and Mark Hamill. It costs about the price of a typical liberal drink — “one white chocolate low whip almond milk latte” — or one gallon of gas in Joe Biden’s economy. One of the best parts is including Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) in there, in the pictures going by.

It continues, “And even though they’re definitively rich enough to pay for themselves, their liberal worldview dictates that you should be the one to shoulder the burden.”

That truly sums up liberals. Equity is fine. For someone else. Just never apply it to them because then, they’ll throw a fit.



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