Trans Activists Storm Florida Capitol, Learn Being Loud Doesn't Equal Winning

Trans activists storm Florida Capitol over bill. Credit: Jason Delgado/Twitter

Trans activists have been storming state capitols over the last few days. On March 29, it was Kentucky. On March 30, it was Tennessee. Now for the third day in a row, trans activists have stormed another state capitol.


This time, it’s Florida. But I’m fairly certain that none of these people will be charged with an effort to “obstruct an official proceeding,” after they screamed at the top of their lungs.

One of the organizers ranted, to whip up the crowd, “This fight does not end here. We keep showing up every single day. We keep making our voices heard.” Then he screamed a modification of the typical radical leftist chant “whose streets, our streets,” making it “whose schools, our schools.”

What’s insane about this all is that it was kicked off after a trans person killed three little children and three adults at a Christian elementary school in Nashville. Yet they don’t seem to give a darn about that, instead as they showed in Tennessee, they called the shooter a “victim” by holding up seven fingers. It was the evil gun that they blamed and were also rallying against, not the shooter’s actions. It was a disgusting take.

In Kentucky, they showed the same lack of care for the Nashville shooting victims. They painted themselves as the victims, by having a “die-in,” lying on the floor as though they had been shot and killed, a disgustingly insensitive move in the wake of the shooting.


This effort in Florida was against a bill that they falsely claimed was “Don’t Say Gay 2.0,” which the bill doesn’t even say. They held signs saying, “Cure Transphobia” and “Stop Trans Genocide,” when there is no “trans genocide.”

As my colleague Brandon Morse noted:

The bill that the trans activists were objecting to was about parental rights in education. How dare you have that, right? But we saw the lies about the earlier bill that they called “Don’t Say Gay.” This bill is about preventing the indoctrination of kids about sexual orientation and gender identity in early school grades through eighth grade and gives people (like parents) more of an ability to object to instructional material or library books, which boosts parents’ rights against indoctrination. That, of course, doesn’t make the left happy because they like having that control in the schools. This doesn’t prevent anyone from being “trans”; it tries to make an effort against indoctrination and gives parents a say in what their kids are learning.


But the bottom line was the activists learned a lesson that being loud and obnoxious doesn’t equal winning, and that the rule of law sometimes still trumps that.

The bill was passed by an overwhelming majority in the Republican-controlled Florida House; the vote was 77-35.



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