Trump Grand Jury Proceedings Just Took Another Turn That Raises More Questions

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Is Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg getting cold feet now that even more has come out on what a turkey his case against President Donald Trump is? He’s come under a lot of fire for appearing to politically target Trump with the action. Republicans of all stripes, even Never Trump folks, have come out and condemned the action as political and pointed out the dangers of such a political action to the sanctity of the rule of law.


As we reported, the grand jury proceedings were delayed on Wednesday amid reports of another witness, “dissension” in the ranks at the DA’s office as well as sources leaking that Bragg was having trouble convincing the grand jury because of the “weakness” of the case. As I wrote, you know what a big problem that is when a prosecutor can usually “indict a ham sandwich,” particularly in very liberal New York. Sources told Fox there was still a very real possibility that Bragg might decide not to go through with an indictment of Trump.

As I reported on Monday, witness Robert Costello said he thought that he’d gotten through to some of the members of the grand jury when he was telling them that Michael Cohen was not a reliable witness, but was a serial liar.

Now the word is the grand jury will also not be meeting today (Thursday) on the case, a source has confirmed to Fox News.

Since they don’t meet on Friday, that means that they won’t be making any kind of a decision on the matter until at least next week.


The grand jury will be meeting on other matters not related to this case.

This further delay adds to the sense that this case is in trouble and that the jury may not be buying what Bragg is trying to sell, as the Fox report suggested.

As we’ve previously reported, even Bragg himself didn’t want to pursue the matter when he took over as district attorney in January 2022 and suspended the pursuit of the case “indefinitely.” Federal prosecutors also decided not to pursue the matter and the Federal Election Commission decided not to take any action as well. The case has been called out as “legally pathetic” by George Washinton Law professor Jonathan Turley and “nakedly political” by former Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew McCarthy. McCarthy, I think it’s safe to say, is no fan of Trump, yet he isn’t afraid to call out what this is.

So that raises the question of why, then, did Bragg pick it back up again as we approach the 2024 presidential race with Trump now a declared candidate in the race? It’s hard not to believe that there’s political targeting going on. House Republicans are now looking into the matter and the Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) called it an “abuse of power” and is investigating whether Bragg used any federal funds in his effort.


Looks like they’re having some difficulty indicting that “ham sandwich.” Will we see an indictment next week? One has to wonder, but Bragg would likely be better to pack it in at this point before he embarrasses himself any further.


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