Oh No: Listen to What Jim Cramer Has to Say About Inflation

Jason DeCrow

CNBC’s Jim Cramer is a bit like Rick Wilson or Jennifer Rubin.

You start with the axiom that whatever they say, it’s going to be wrong.

How many times has Cramer been wrong now? I suspect it might be hard to tally it all up. But the problem came to the fore again with the banks that collapsed over the past weekend, Signature and Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), as we reported.


Here he is recommending Signature:

Then here is what he said about SVB:

Of course, his recommendations have been going south for a long time, as many pointed out.

There’s even an “Inverse Cramer Tracker ETF” which allows investors to actively bet against the “Mad Money” host by shorting stocks he touts on CNBC’s airwaves or going “long” on companies he advises against.

“If he specifically says either buy, buy, buy a stock, then we’re gonna go short that stock at the next practical moment,” Matthew Tuttle, the CEO of Tuttle Capital Management said on Bloomberg’s “Trillions” podcast.

How is the Inverse Cramer Tracker doing? It’s outperforming market trackers after just two weeks since it started by doing the opposite of what Cramer says.


Even Tucker Carlson had a little fun mocking “professional b.s. artist” Jim Cramer last week over the SVB recommendation, “If that guy ever endorses anything you’re doing, move to the Canary Islands, change your name, because disaster is coming!”

So with that lead-in and the understanding that we must apply the inverse “Cramer Rule,” I give you what Jim Cramer said about inflation on Tuesday.

The collapse of multiple banks, the potential folding of start-ups and the general unease in the economy all suggest the Federal Reserve is on the “cusp of a soft, safe landing,” CNBC’s Jim Cramer said Tuesday.

“Until last week’s banking fiasco, I think [Federal Reserve Chair] Jay Powell was losing the war against inflation,” Cramer said. But the bank run which led to the failure of Silicon Valley Bank and the concurrent tech troubles are signs that Powell is winning the battle, if not the war, he added.

Cramer acknowledged that prices remain high for travel, housing, and groceries, but given the broader turmoil, “we don’t want the Fed to turn a potential soft landing into a hard one.”

He thinks the Fed is winning the war on inflation and we’re heading for a “soft, safe landing.” Oh, no, said Neil Irwin, the chief economic correspondent for Axios and the Inverse Cramer Twitter account.


They’re speaking for all of us.

Hold onto your hats because that likely means we’re in for still more inflation and one heck of a rough ride. Do whatever you can to shore up your money because it sounds like we’re going to need all we can. Unfortunately, nothing that Joe Biden says indicates that they have the slightest idea of how to properly correct the problems. Everything they have done has worked to make things worse and they want to spend still more. So we’ll have to see, but I fear “inverse Cramer” here isn’t looking good for us.


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