SPLC Attorney Charged With Domestic Terrorism in 'Cop City' Attack in Atlanta

Rioters set things on fire at police construction site. (Credit: Billy Heath/Fox8)

On Sunday, I wrote about yet another attack on the police and the construction site of a future police training center in Atlanta.

Many people came from out of town for a rally supporting the people protesting the construction of the center, which they have called “Cop City.”


But as we’ve seen with such actions in the past, they used a protest as a cover to then take violent action, according to the police. The police said some of the protesters changed into all black (a classic move that makes it harder to identify who does what during an “action”), and then began a “coordinated attack on construction equipment and police officers,” throwing large rocks, sticks, fireworks, and Molotov cocktails at the police and the site. We reported on some of that violence on Sunday, but here you can see more about how many people were involved.

The Atlanta Police Department said this wasn’t a protest, this was about “anarchy.”

23 people were arrested and according to the Atlanta Police, they were charged with domestic terrorism. Only two were from Georgia — everyone else was from out of state. Two were even from out of the country — one was from France and another was from Canada. They were from across the country, ranging from Massachusetts to Arizona. One also appears to be a former Occupy Wall Street organizer whose name I recognized.


The one who is getting the most attention is Thomas Jurgens, who reportedly is a staff attorney for the leftist Southern Poverty Law Center.

The SPLC likes to propound on who the extremists are. Perhaps they should have been checking among their ranks? But so far, they seem remarkably quiet on this, for a group that likes to speak about extremism. They have not commented as yet. And you wonder why people have questions when the FBI is relying on these guys to determine what qualifies as “extreme”?


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