Radical Leftist Group Attacks Cops Again, Sets Construction Site in Atlanta Ablaze

Rioters set things on fire at police construction site. (Credit: Billy Heath/Fox8)

The radical leftist “forest defender” group has struck again in Atlanta.

The group had promised a “week of action” and had many people come in from out of town.


They held a rally and then marched on the construction site which they have dubbed “Cop City” — the construction of a police training center — which they are trying to stop. The group began rioting and attacking the police with rocks, sticks, and at least one Molotov cocktail, as well as shooting off fireworks at the police, according to reports. There also were pictures of the construction site, pieces of equipment, and at least one construction vehicle set on fire.

There was a massive police response to the arson and attacks.


Police were able to lock down the area and secure the site, stopping the rioting.

Some of the people who were there for the rally tried to run, but it did not end well for them.

The group has protested the building of the training center since June 2021 and has had 19 people arrested and charged with domestic terrorism since December. Those incidents included one of their members allegedly shooting a police officer and that person, Manuel Teran, being shot and killed in response. Then the group also precipitated a riot in Atlanta against police property in response to Teran’s death, including attacking the police foundation building and setting a police car on fire. There have been multiple attacks on the police and other citizens since the group started “protesting.”


Now, this is Georgia, so the police there are not calling it “mostly peaceful arson.” If history is any indication, the folks that they nailed for this are going to be charged not only potentially with arson-related charges, but with domestic terrorism as well. They need to hold the people who are involved in these actions for some serious bail. They also need to start looking at the groups behind it and the funding sources.


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