Big Leak: CNN Boss Ordered Staff Not to Chase Down the Lab Leak Theory

This latest news from a CNN insider shows how much their anti-Trump nature harmed getting at the truth when it came to COVID.

We’ve seen still more folks coming out and now admitting the likelihood that COVID came from a lab leak including the Department of Energy and FBI Director Chris Wray. Of course, had you said that earlier during the pandemic, you might have been shut down on social media because the prevailing narrative of the left was to shut down any such questions.


Now, a “well-placed” CNN “insider” is saying that former head Jeff Zucker would not let his people pursue the question of the lab leak because he thought it was a “Trump talking point.”

“People are slowly waking up from the fog,” the insider admitted to Fox News Digital. “It is kind of crazy that we didn’t chase it harder.”

What they did was sow a narrative, regardless of the truth.

CNN host Fareed Zakaria once said “the far right has now found its own virus conspiracy theory” while discussing the possibility of a lab leak.

On Feb. 18, 2020, CNN published a “Facts First” examination of claims made by Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., one of the earlier supporters of the lab leak theory. CNN insisted “it’s possible, yet unlikely, that the lab was connected to the start of the outbreak,” citing an infectious disease expert who said of the lab leak theory, “I have seen no one provide any solid information to support that theory. I think at this point you can draw a line through it and say that didn’t happen.”

CNN anchor John Vause called Cotton’s theory “misinformation” on air during a conversation with Dr. Anthony Fauci that year, who responded that “theories that are not based on evidence and facts often can really mislead people.”

A CNN headline from April 2020 reading “Nearly 30% in the US believe a coronavirus theory that’s almost certainly not true” was based on a Pew Research poll taken at the time.

“Its origin is up for debate, but it wasn’t made in a lab,” CNN reported. “There’s still much we don’t know about the coronavirus pandemic, but virus experts agree on one piece of its origin story: The virus likely originated in a bat, not in a Chinese lab.”


Chris “He Who Is Always Wrong” Cillizza (who has since been let go by the new CEO Chris Licht) claimed in May 2020 that Dr. Anthony Fauci had “just crushed Donald Trump’s theory on the origins of the coronavirus,” claiming that it originated naturally was more accurate and only one of them was a famous “infectious disease expert.” But even when a virologist like ex-CDC Director Robert Redfield said he believed it was a lab leak, he was discounted and they called it a “controversial theory without evidence.” Dr. Sanjay Gupta, citing the WHO (which repeated the Chinese lie that it wasn’t transmissible human to human), thought that was “unlikely” and even pointed to Chinese propaganda about the possibility of it coming from “U.S. military labs.”

The network broke every rule of journalism and allowed Chris Cuomo to promote his brother on air as some kind of COVID savior as a counterpoint to that evil Trump when indeed Andrew Cuomo had one of the worst responses that may have resulted in the death of thousands because of his actions. Chris Cuomo also repeated Chinese propaganda that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was “insane” for talking about the lab leak theory. Cuomo has since gotten the boot as well.

Even though Jim Acosta had himself called it the “Wuhan coronavirus,” he declared that Trump saying the virus was “foreign” could be “xenophobia.”


That isn’t a news network, everything was based on attacking Trump, no matter how much shutting down the truth might have hurt us or given the Chinese government a pass. Now, trying to get back that time to deal with the truth, three years later, is immeasurably harder. That’s on the Democrats and the media who did this to us because of their bias and desire for power.


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