'The View' Twists Itself Into a Pretzel to Make Trump the Bad Guy for Being Right

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When the Department of Energy came out with a new report indicating that COVID likely came from a lab leak, the folks who had spent a long time calling it “misinformation” and trying to shut down any questioning of China were in a pickle. What to do now that they were — once again — wrong and folks on the right were correct?


Try to blame people on the right, including President Donald Trump. The reason the media didn’t do their jobs and properly investigate the facts was somehow his fault.

Listen to this festival of crazy “The View” — it’s all due to Trump’s “xenophobia.”

He stopped allowing Chinese people to come to the U.S., Hostin said. Um, yes? Because there was a pandemic coming from China. Are you kidding? That’s “xenophobia”? He was trying to stop the pandemic.

Let’s look at what the Democrats were doing at the same time that Trump was declaring a public health emergency and trying to shut off the pandemic from getting here. Joe Biden was calling shutting off travel from China to protect Americans “hysterical xenophobia.” Ron Klain, Biden’s chief of staff said at the time that we had nothing to worry about from a pandemic but we had to be worried about a “fear epidemic.”


Trump didn’t “unleash any xenophobia”; they’re looking back at the Democratic propaganda at the time and pretending it was real when it was all nonsense. Indeed, the problem wasn’t Trump’s “xenophobia” — the problem was they were more concentrated on attacking Trump than they were on dealing with the reality of the emerging virus. They wanted to paint responding and calling out China for their lies as “xenophobic.” That’s disgusting and they should be ashamed, but they’re not.

Trump called it the “China virus” because China was trying to blame the U.S. for spreading it and because he wanted to hold them accountable for their lies in the spread of the virus. But also it was called the Wuhan coronavirus or the Chinese coronavirus because that’s where it was from. It was the Democrats who turned that into something political.

As with many things, Trump was right and the Democrats were wrong. But this has been extremely harmful to the effort to hold China accountable for what they did. Joe Biden and the Democrats don’t care about holding China accountable. Now we’ve lost a tremendous amount of time in addressing this. We’ve been saying this since it started, and now they want to try to blame Trump. It’s delusional.


Notice something else. It’s cool and not xenophobic at all to refer to the “Chinese” spy balloon and hold China accountable there. Yet, holding China accountable for something that has cost so many American lives is “xenophobic.” Talk about shameless.

They’re so twisted up in knots with their bizarre hatred of Trump, they can’t even bring themselves to say his name, like 12-year-old girls throwing a tantrum.

Even now, it’s still all about attacking Trump with them, not holding China accountable, and not holding the media and Democrats accountable for trying to suppress the theory and any questioning of the narrative.


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