Bret Baier Makes Chris Wray Squirm on 'Dual System' Disparity on Hunter Biden, Trump, Jan. 6

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FBI Director Christopher Wray did an interview with Fox’s Bret Baier on Tuesday. We previously reported about Wray’s remarks regarding the FBI’s investigation into the origins of COVID. Wray said that they believed that it likely came from a lab incident.


But that wasn’t the only subject covered in the interview. Baier also asked about several other topics as well, including the Hunter Biden laptop, the Trump raid, and the Jan. 6 bomber. The overarching question was about bias and how the American people’s approval of the FBI is at a record low because of it. Wray said that the FBI wasn’t on “either side.”

“The FBI is on the American people’s side, on the Constitution’s side,” he claimed.

But no one believes that, and even Bret Baier pointed out some of the reasons why people question the independence of the FBI.

He was asked about the Hunter Biden laptop case and why that was taking so long to investigate. Wray argued that the investigation was largely originating from Delaware and being handled by U.S. Attorney David Weiss, who was a holdover appointee. That sounds a lot like a deflection, because it doesn’t explain what the FBI is doing, and being a Trump appointee doesn’t mean one isn’t biased for the other side. Indeed, Wray is a Trump appointee, and many doubt his independence.

Baier questioned Wray about the FBI’s involvement in censorship on Twitter, including relative to the Hunter Biden matter. Chris Wray had an incredibly disingenuous response. He claimed that they don’t tell anyone to censor, but then when Baier pulls out the evidence that they were flagging accounts to Twitter, he appears to say that because they don’t say the words, “Ban them” or “suspend them,” it’s all just cool that they’re flagging the accounts.


Then he tried to claim this was about “foreign disinformation campaigns” and “foreign accounts.” We’ve already reported what nonsense this was, unless people like actor Billy Baldwin have somehow become “foreign accounts.” The FBI had an 80-person team involved in looking for “foreign disinformation.”

Wray wouldn’t tell the truth even when he’s busted on it.

Baier asked him about the disparity in treatment between the Trump raid and the Biden classified document scandal. Wray insisted that there was no disparity, and that they try the least intrusive methods first. But we heard all kinds of things about the Trump case, while the DOJ kept the Biden case under wraps–after the discovery of the classified documents in November until CBS broke the story in January. NARA was even ordered not to talk about it.

But Baier pointed out how again that wasn’t true — that they tried the least intrusive methods — in the case of pro-life activist Mark Houck. As we previously reported, Attorney General Merrick Garland got wrecked on that subject by Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) during the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Wednesday. Baier pointed out that normally, with a person with no criminal record like Houck, they would have just arranged for him to surrender himself. Instead, they raided his home with guns out, in the faces of his screaming young children.


Baier called it what it is: a “dual system” — one for the folks the Biden administration are against (like the pro-life activists) and another for the people they support, like the BLM. His response was again a deflection, saying this was up to the agents on the ground. Yes, so why did they make this judgment that they go in with guns drawn like Houck was a drug smuggler? He of course wouldn’t say, likely because no justification would support this.

Baier asked about Jan. 6 and the progress on finding the person who allegedly planted bombs at the RNC and the DNC buildings the night before. Baier also inquired about FBI undercover agents or informants on Jan. 6 during the Capitol riot; Wray said he couldn’t comment on that. But check the smirk as he does that.


But they can’t find this person.

At this point, no one believes what Wray has to say. He’s even denying things as the evidence is placed in front of him. He no longer has any credibility. Republicans need to win in 2024, take both chambers, and do some serious house cleaning. Wray needs to be one of the first to go.


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