Tucker Carlson Drops a Cliffhanger About the Jan. 6 Footage McCarthy Gave Them

Last month, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) talked about releasing thousands of hours of closed-circuit camera footage that the Congress had from the Jan. 6 riot but that Democrats, when they were in power, would not release. On Monday, it was announced that McCarthy had followed through on that and given Tucker Carlson and his crew access to the footage.


That caused a colossal meltdown from Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), who came up with new “Russia, Russia, Russia” spinning and promotion of “conspiracies.”

Schiff seemed to be panicking that the actual footage would be coming out which would reveal all that happened on that day. Why wouldn’t you want that released so everyone could see what happened? Isn’t that what they have been telling us they wanted for the past two years? Funny that Schiff would have a problem with that truth. But also, given him, typical.

On his show, Carlson announced that his crew had been viewing the material for about a week and he gave a little hint as to what they’d reviewed, saying they’d been given access to 44,000 hours of footage from Jan. 6.


“We believe that access is unfettered. We believe we have secured the right to see whatever we want to see,” Carlson explained.

The big news was Carlson said that he believes that the footage does “in some ways contradict” the story that we have been told about what happened that day.

“We’re going to spend the rest of this week taking a look at it, assessing it as honestly as we can, and we’re going to bring you what we find next week,” Carlson previewed.

Now that’s certainly a cliffhanger, leaving you to wonder in what ways they think it contradicts what we have been told, what have they seen? Now, we’ll have to wait and see until next week, but it certainly sounds intriguing. That’s a ton of footage to go through. Giving it to Carlson ensures that liberal media wouldn’t be cutting out the most interesting parts of it. Of course, Democrats like Schiff will then try to attack whatever comes out as somehow tainted. But Democrats have wanted to control the narrative on the subject for two years. That’s why they appointed a committee to “investigate” that was a partisan witchhunt that didn’t allow anything that would disrupt the political narrative they were pushing before the midterm elections.


Grab your popcorn, sounds like it’s going to be a good and a bumpy ride for poor Adam Schiff.


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