Biden Finally Speaks on Shootdown of Three 'Objects,' but Snaps at Reporters' Questions

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Joe Biden has finally been forced into making comments on the three “objects” that the U.S. shot down over the past weekend. What’s been glaring has been Biden’s failure to respond or speak to the shootdowns and the many questions that the American people have had about the actions.


We heard from the Secretary of Defense. We heard from the NORAD Commander. We heard from White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre who had trouble describing what NORAD was and called Canada, “Canadia.” But we didn’t hear from Biden. So on Thursday, he finally said he would be delivering remarks on the subject.

But when he did finally speak on it, Biden didn’t say much more than we already knew —  and he was, typically, a little late for his remarks.

Biden said that they still don’t have any further information on the objects. He said there wasn’t anything to indicate that they were surveillance craft or from China as yet.

He echoed what his White House team has previously said that it’s likely balloons related to private companies (his national security adviser said car lot balloons), research, or weather balloons.

Biden said they were still trying to recover the objects. He also stressed that he didn’t think this was a sudden increase in the number of objects, but more an increase in their detection abilities.

What he did say that was different was that they would be coming up with things to deal with the objects in the future including taking a better inventory of what was out there in the sky, updating their ability to detect and rules for dealing with them, as well as working toward global laws on the subject. CBS made a good comment during their coverage that this exposed that he didn’t already have such things in place. Why wouldn’t you already have rules and policies for dealing with such things?


Biden said he didn’t seek conflict with China. But this shows weakness, even while he said they were imposing sanctions against six companies connected to the PLA. He didn’t at all call them out in words for sending such a balloon to spy on us, to try to surveil our military installations. He claimed that they were able to protect sensitive sites, although experts have doubted this claim.

At the end of his remarks, he started to head off the stage, but then turned back to reporters who then tried to barrage him with questions.

One of the reporters asked if he had been compromised by his family’s business connections to China. Biden refused to answer that saying, “Give me a break, man.”

That, of course, is what he thinks of the public’s right to know. Every question he has ever been asked on the subject, he’s either lied about or avoided.

One of the other reporters tried another question: if his shooting down of the three objects was an “overreaction” because of “political pressure.”

“You can come to my office and ask that question where we have more polite people,” Biden sniped about the other reporters, and then he was out of there.


He’s talking about them and then he’s rude to them. One of the reporters said, “That seems bad.” You can hear it at the end of the tape. Yes, you speak for all of us, that this is the guy that we have in charge.

The answer is he doesn’t want to answer that question, because it likely was an overreaction after he failed to properly react to the Chinese spy balloon. He also failed to clarify the problematic timeline that his people have given us — including that they had been tracking it long before it was over Alaska. He spoke, yet he failed to answer any of the real questions.


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