AOC's Wild Rant About Hunter's Laptop During Twitter Hearing

AP Photo/Alastair Grant

The House is grilling Twitter executives over the suppression of information on Twitter including on such things as COVID and the Hunter Biden laptop.

Now, anyone who believes in freedom of speech and the Constitution should be concerned about what has been revealed from the Twitter Files and even before this, the censorship that we saw directed against things that might injure the Democratic narrative.


Of course, that doesn’t involve Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) who seems all in favor of such censorship, judging by her remarks at the hearing on Wednesday. But even as she ranted against the process of looking into all this (because it looks very bad for her side of the aisle). This is not a serious person holding a Congressional seat.

But even in the process of what she said, she tripped over herself saying that the laptop was “half-fake” — meaning she was acknowledging half wasn’t fake. So moving in the right direction for her. She’s finally accepting that at least part of it is real. Indeed, multiple media agencies have now confirmed it was real even though it has taken her all this time to come to some semblance of reality. None of it is fake. What was fake was the “Russian disinformation” claim spread by Democrats on her side of the aisle.

But AOC doesn’t give a darn about all the influence peddling on the laptop or the possible compromise/connections to foreign governments, or any of the other revelations. I doubt she’s even aware of what was on the laptop. It’s not important to her because it can only hurt the Democratic narrative so therefore she doesn’t care if it — and the truth — got censored so American voters couldn’t see it right before deciding whether or not to vote for Joe Biden. She doesn’t care about national security. She talks about “voting rights” but this must be the kind of election interference with which she’s cool.


Sometimes AOC talks like she’s a 12-year-old girl (with no insult to 12-year-old girls meant) and she was in that mode again on Wednesday as she blamed the New York Post — which she couldn’t seem to keep straight from the Washington Post — for their censorship. She falsely claimed they had no corroboration for the story and she falsely impugned the reputation of the NY Post suggesting this was just a smear operation.

They had “corroboration.” But unless they had “corroboration” (that AOC agrees with) then they shouldn’t be able to post it to Twitter. I don’t think I heard her objecting to all the time Congress spent on the ridiculous Russia collusion nonsense that the Clinton team paid to help stoke, not to mention all those lies that were spread by media and Democrats all over Twitter.

This is all about the Democrats being upset that they can no longer shut down speech because they no longer control the platform and they don’t want any light shed on those facts.

As journalist Glenn Greenwald pointed out, even Twitter admitted they were wrong to censor the NY Post. Only Democrats like AOC are trying to justify this censorship.



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