Bad - and Insulting - Democratic Reactions to Spy Balloon

AP Photo/Mariam Zuhaib

Democrats and their fellow travelers were stuck trying to defend Joe Biden’s failure to address the Chinese spy balloon until after it had traversed the whole country and likely beamed whatever it managed to collect back to Beijing. Biden finally ordered it shot down over the Atlantic.


Joe Biden’s reaction was bad, but the reaction of the Democrats and their fellow travelers shows that this problem was endemic and not just restricted to Biden.

We saw one heck of a bad reaction to the Chinese spy balloon from Never Trump character Bill Kristol, as I reported.

I think he most definitely wins for the worst Twitter reaction. Even with a Chinese threat under Biden, all Kristol can still think about is how to attack President Donald Trump and his supporters.

But at least he doesn’t hold elective office. The response of some of the Democrats who do hold office showed that they were just not serious people and it should worry all of us that these are the people we have in any position of power, making decisions that may affect the safety of the nation.

Check out this wild take from Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-AZ).


“People are outraged by a Chinese surveillance balloon,” Grijalva said. “But when @DHSgov puts up a surveillance blimp in Arizona border communities without community consultation.” He later edited the tweet to add in “rightfully” outraged.

Now I get concerns about government surveillance, but this is just ridiculous. It’s a blimp helping visual observations with border control. Those blimps are in Texas and Arizona to counter drug and human trafficking, and other forms of smuggling. But Grijalva doesn’t seem to care about that.

We’ve already seen that Joe Biden has made a massive mess of protecting our borders, and now even our skies. So Grijalva is going to attack the Border Patrol for doing their job and compare that to the CCP balloon? There’s a big difference between protecting our own border and allowing a CCP balloon free access to our country. If you don’t know the difference, maybe you shouldn’t be in Congress, because you surely can’t do your job correctly. This is the progressive crazy thought that has completely captured the Democrats. Grijalva has been in Congress for twenty years with this kind of thinking.

But Grijalva had some big competition for the most unserious reaction in Congress from Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT).

According to Murphy, if you were concerned about the Chinese spy balloon, you were just a “bed wetter.”


This is a U.S. senator calling Americans “bed wetters” for being concerned about national security. What a juvenile response — that’s what he thinks of you.

How bad was he? Here were his earlier tweets showing he thought being concerned made you “unserious.”

Then you wonder why Biden had to be shamed into doing something. This is the Democratic Party which not only doesn’t care about our security, but will insult you for caring.


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