Biden Says Something Utterly Nuts About Domestic Violence Calls and the Police


Joe Biden knows nothing about guns. It’s rather concerning that he’s so ignorant and yet, he’s in the position he’s in — talking about policy and laws, as well as constantly pushing gun control.


Biden was at the White House on Friday, talking about “retraining” police.

But first, with Joe Biden being Joe Biden, he faced the battle of the microphone and just being able to speak clearly.

But even as he’s talking about “retraining,” he has no idea what he’s talking about. He said that police need to be trained not to “shoot to kill,” but to “shoot to stop.”

This is of course ignorance of the highest order; police are trained to shoot center mass to bring the criminal down, and you don’t fire unless you are prepared to kill the subject because of the threat. Biden seems to have some farcical belief that you should shoot people in the leg, rather than shooting to kill. He doesn’t understand that makes it unlikely you would hit a moving target, much less stop them, plus that wouldn’t guarantee that you wouldn’t kill the person anyway, if you winged them in the femoral artery.


“So the way we’re training police officers is changing,” Biden said. Let’s understand what he’s trying to say there, since he’s deceiving his audience. He’s claiming that police are being trained as he says? Bull, that’s not happening anywhere and if it was, that would be an insane danger to the officers. But what he’s trying to do is pretend like he’s doing something, that he’s advocating some great change here–when indeed, he’s just spewing nonsense. So, he’s not being stupid and ignorant; he’s seeking to deceive his audience.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time that Biden has made such ignorant comments. Yet, his people don’t seem to be able to stop him or educate him so he doesn’t sound like a fool.

Biden continued to reveal how little he understood police work. “You know when a cop turns up in a domestic violence case, or someone’s standing on an edge of a bridge, they don’t need a cop. They need a psychologist,” he said.


Um, Joe? Domestic violence cases are some of the most dangerous situations that cops have to deal with and in which they are frequently injured. And Joe Biden wants to just send psychologists and no cops? Let’s talk about how many people would be injured and/or killed as a result of that stupidity, if anyone listened to and followed what Joe Biden was saying.

Either Biden’s people don’t give a darn about these kinds of comments or they aren’t able to stop him at this point because he’s too far gone.



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