There Are Many Questions About George Santos, but Latest Leftist Complaint Is Incredibly Dumb

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There are a ton of valid questions that one might ask about Rep. George Santos (R-NY) who seems to be following in the grand tradition of Joe Biden and lying — a lot — about his background and a variety of aspects of his life.


Given all the things that Democrats could validly attack about him, they lost what was left of their minds to spread a conspiracy theory that he was flashing a “white power” sign during the voting for Rep. Kevin McCarthy for Speaker of the House. I could go through the whole rigamarole that an “okay” signal isn’t necessarily a “white power” sign, that the whole thing was originally made up as a troll on 4chan to see who would fall for it, and some of the people on the left continue to do so. They’ve been told, but they keep spreading this gas periodically throwing this out there at someone.

Here goes the left and the liberal media again.

Here’s Newsday pumping the story:

It also seemed to me that Reuters was being inflammatory about the picture to begin with, from what Jim Bourg, their News Pictures Editor In Charge of Washington and you can see the reaction.


But it’s especially dumb here because the video shows he had his arms crossed when he was called on to vote for McCarthy. All he did was raise his right hand from that crossed-arm position. He wasn’t flashing anything with the left hand.

You can see it all in this video, good on the person who got it, who tried to clear up the question.

As I said, there’s a lot to go after with this guy. But to try to pick apart this gesture that gives no evidence at all of being any kind of intentional racist movement is just nonsensical and continues to show how easily people will fall for anything if it fits their political biases. Told the truth they still don’t care, they would rather their fiction. I suppose I could point out to them that he isn’t white, that he’s from Brazil and is Latino (at least allegedly). But that wouldn’t stop people who believe in things like “black white supremacists.” However, it’s funny that the same people getting upset with him for making up things about himself have no problem pushing a conspiracy theory about how he’s holding his hands in a millisecond in time. It’s all about confirming their bias. It’s why some on the left will go after Santos for lying but not Joe Biden for the mountain of lies he’s told about his background.


But I would note, there were some in the liberal media that didn’t fall for this.

Warning for language:


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