Bill Maher Skewers the Woke Left for Being Against 'Freedom'

(Janet Van Ham/HBO via AP)

Bill Maher eviscerated the woke culture during a conversation on his podcast “Club Random” with billionaire Mark Cuban.

Both discussed how they would never start a business today in California, “I’d rather start a business in Dallas all day, every day. I will not in San Francisco,” Cuban said, and Maher agreed.


People are not only not starting businesses in California because of all the nonsense and “woke” things they have to deal with – they’re even fleeing the state for places like Texas.

Maher, who is more of a classical liberal, attacked the woke culture and argued how being “liberal” was supposed to be for freedom, while “woke” was not.

“The woke will cast this to some sort of two conservatives. No, we’re not conservatives. We’re not conservative…. You guys don’t get it. Woke and liberal are two different things.”

He continued, “They’re very often the f—ing opposite of each other… Freedom should be a liberal thing.”

Once upon a time, many moons ago, freedom may have been a “liberal thing.” But now, much of liberalism has become a woke disease and Maher pointed out how even his liberal friends were afraid of how it was affecting their children.

Showcasing a growing weariness even among liberals for woke culture, Maher added, “All my friends, at least the ones like on the coasts who are like our age… they all b—h endlessly about their f—ing woke kids.”

He added, “Again, these are liberal people. These are not people who are voting for Trump.”

“I’m a basic liberal, but they p— me off so much when they cop this attitude. Just don’t gaslight me.,” Maher said. “Don’t pretend. Don’t say things like ‘Racism has never been worse.’ Plainly, that’s not true.”


He said that there were topics that you couldn’t even touch anymore without the woke “mob coming after you.”

He’s right that freedom should be a liberal thing. It should be an “every American” thing.

But we see that that’s largely untrue, because of the way that Democrats have taken over much of the media to try to control what is said. I reported on Thursday that one of the senior Democratic members of Congress, Sen. Ben Cardin (D-MD), was calling for government control of “hate speech” on social media, specifically saying we should follow what Europe has done when what they have done is crazy and contrary to the First Amendment. Cardin showed he had no real understanding of the First Amendment. And he’s been in Congress for 35 years. But he gave away the game about where they want to go, and that’s a scary thought.

But it’s become so extreme that folks like Maher and his friends are balking. That’s another indication the tide may be turning.

We’ve also seen someone like Elon Musk who used to call himself a liberal, getting red-pilled because the opposite is crazy. He’s now calling out the woke mind, doing what he can to bring free speech back to the discussion. So the pendulum may be swinging back toward sanity, but it’s still going to be a heck of a fight.



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